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Update:  Dr Jen spent the day with Renia at doctors and hospitals on Saturday.  She was admitted into a hospital in Port for the weekend.  Dr Jen will meet with the surgeon on Monday to see if surgery is even an option for her.  She is not well and we would ask that you continue to pray for Renia and her mama during this difficult time.  We will let you know more about her cases when we know more.  There has been testing done and a C-scan as well.  The current financial need for these 2 children has been met.  As we learn more about what (if anything) can be done for Renia we will let you know if more funds are needed for her.  Thanks to everyone for your prayers, financial gifts and words of concern and encouragement for her.  We have let her mama know that there are many all over the world praying for her. 

Earlier this week, we took in two children in need of acute medical care that we cannot provide here in Cazale. We are raising funds to cover the cost of their care. Here are their stories:

Renia is 20 months old. She and her mom made the long journey from Jacmel (located in southern Haiti) to Cazale because her mom is desperate to find someone to help her daughter. About three months ago, she developed a mass on the left side of her neck, so her mom took her to a clinic near their home. The doctor prescribed antibiotics, which did not help. The mass continued to grow in size. Mom took Renia to several other clinics/hospitals and was referred to an ear, nose, and throat surgeon for a biopsy, but lack of money and the complexity of the medical system here made it impossible for her to follow through with the referral.

 As you can see from the picture, the mass is very large. We are very worried about her because it is becoming progressively more difficult for her to eat and breathe. We believe the mass is pressing on her esophagus and on her trachea. She had an ultrasound of the mass yesterday. We are in contact with a hospital in Port au Prince and hope that we will be able to send her there tomorrow. If that hospital is unable to care for her, we will keep looking for a place that can do surgery to remove the mass. We are honestly not sure if she will be able to tolerate surgery, but we are still moving forward and exploring all possibilities for her. Renia’s medical expenses so are $50 (for the ultrasound). We would like to raise $500 for her to start. This would cover the ultrasound plus some of the cost of surgery (if she is able to get surgery). If we find a hospital to do the surgery, we will need to raise more funds for her later.
Dieucel is 15 months old. He and his dad came to Cazale from Port au Prince. Dieucel fell onto his left knee a couple weeks ago. At first he seemed fine, but then a few days ago his knee started to swell and then he developed fevers. We suspected a septic knee (bacteria/pus within the knee itself) so we started him on appropriate antibiotics and then sent him to a hospital in Port au Prince that provides good orthopedic care. The orthopedic surgeon confirmed the diagnosis of a septic knee and recommended surgery.
 Dieucel had surgery today. He will need to stay in the hospital for the next week or so. The surgery he had will prevent the infection from spreading and will allow his knee to develop normally as he grows. Without surgery, he likely would have sustained irreversible damage to his knee joint. We estimate that his medical expenses (including the initial consultation, x-rays, surgery, anesthesia, labs, medications, and hospital costs for a week) will be $1000.
 If you would like to contribute towards the cost of specialized medical care for these two children, there are currently 2 ways to donate.  You can use the paypal button in the upper right hand corner of the blog, or send donations into the home office, Real Hope for Haiti, P.O. Box 23, Elwood, IN 46036.  Please add a note or memo in the donation line and mark it as “special medical needs”  This way we will be able to keep track of those that have donated.  The total cost needed currently is $1550 for both of these children.  Both have traveled out to our little village far away from their family and friends.  They both have been searching for help for their children in many different location.  We are humbled to hear their words and learn of their stories.  We count it a privilege that are trusting in us to be able to help them.  Please be in prayer tomorrow morning as we continue to search for options for Renia.  Thank you so much for your prayers, love and support.


  1. Cathy says

    Our prayers are with you all and these special families. Please check PayPal.

    Much love and many prayers,
    Cathy and our Crew

  2. Chris says

    I think of a beautiful girl we lost 18 months ago with a tumor diagnosed too late in Port au Prince.
    I will be thinking of these precious children
    Please check Paypal.

  3. Kathy Thompson says

    sending 20.00 by mail to home office

  4. Shanna says

    So glad RHFH is there when people are searching for help and can’t seem to find any!

  5. cheryl in Maine says

    I’m glad the little boy was able to get the surgery he needed for his knee. I hope you can also find the appropriate help for the little girl to have the surgery she needs. I am praying for them.

  6. Amber says

    Praying for her!
    Please check paypal.

  7. Kelly D > :) says

    I have contacts at the CURE INTERNATIONAL hospital in the Dominican Republic. Let me know if you would like for me to contact them about Renia’s case.

    Loving God, Loving Haiti

    Kelly DeBardelaben

  8. Emily says

    A check went out in the mail today for $100. Hopefully you’ll get it on Monday. God bless!

  9. Sarah says

    Thank you for sharing their stories so those of us who aren’t there in person still have a way to help. Please check Pay Pal again!!

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