2000 lives touched with medika mamba in 6 years!

In 2009 we began using Medika Mamba.  This was our first shipment of boxes of the life saving product.

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We began with 10 children as a test run to see how well the product worked.  The results were wonderful and the kids were healing from malnutrition and serious cases of kwashiorkor in a quicker amount of time than before we used the product.  We were hooked.

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Here we are 6 years later.  My how times passes so quickly!  This month we will have treated 2000 children with Medika mamba and Mamba Djanm.

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We wish you could be here to hear the parents talk about their children and how medika mamba has helped them. They share with us how they had lost hope and did not think their child would live.  They tell us how their child would sleep most of the day because they were weak and had no energy.  They tell us how they did not want to eat.  Then you get to hear about how much energy the child has now and how well they have recovered. Daina Louis #132230 graduated (5) (640x427)

The parents are excited and share their experiences with their neighbors and other that have malnourished children.  They now believe their is hope for recovery. Many patients come each week to the clinic.  We average about 10 to 12 new cases of the program each week.

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We wanted to thank each of you that has given over the years for this product, for those that have prayed for the kids, for those that have been here and been able to hold and love on the kids, it means so much to us and the families.   THANK YOU!!!!!!!  We hope that in 10 to 15 years we are still here and that we will see many of these children grow to be healthy strong leader in their community.  We know God has great plans for them!

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  1. Bekki says

    I LOVE seeing all the kids who have been healed with the use of these products! I remember kneading those green packs that felt like ROCKS but would finally become squeezable and fill those carefully measured bowls for the little ones. I love your work, your spirit, OUR GOD, and YOU TWO! Lori and Licia, you are my real life heros!

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