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5 Things I Learned During My 1st Trip to Real Hope

Junior Fev cfrom Casey H.

  1. My heart didn’t break into a million pieces as I had feared, instead, much like the Grinch, it grew many sizes in a short amount of time.
  2. After seeing the faces of starvation, it is completely inappropriate for me to lightly say the words “I’m starving” after missing a meal or two on a busy day, so these words will no longer be used to describe my meager state of hunger.
  3. If we paid Lori, Licia and the others a salary of a million dollars, they would still be underpaid, and yet, they serve with fierce determination and joyful hearts.
  4. There is a universal need for love, connection to others & to God, and families in Haiti need the same kinds of support families in the US need around this.
  5. I never really knew what it truly looks like to “walk in faith, relying on the Lord for provision” until my Wednesday night conversation with Lori and Licia.

A bonus #6: Casey and Mr. Zach share an amazing sense of humor. If you go to RHFH, be sure to ask Casey about teaching in New Orleans & Mr. Zach about the book he wants to write!

There are so many more things, so much more to say…yet I struggle for adequate words to describe my experiences at Real Hope. Allow me to summarize it by saying quite simply, I have been changed for the better. I understand my husband’s long time love affair with Haiti & we are eager to return. Til then, I pray.

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