Medika mamba updates

Our medika mamba program continues to grow here at RHFH.  We currently have 38 in patient on the program and 1 out patient.  There have been 408 patients enrolled on the program since we started in 2009.   We are very happy with the product and see a great difference in the lives of the kids that are suffering from marasmus  (wasting), kwashiorkor (kwash), and marasmic-kwashiorkor.  Below are some of our recent grads from the program.

CHANTEL~6 weeks on the program

beginning weight  18 pounds                                               graduating weight 26 pounds 

CHRISTINA~12 weeks on the program

beginning weight 10 pounds                                   graduating weight 18 pounds 

   DEVENSKY~6 week on the program

Beginning weight 19 pounds                                  graduating weight 26 pounds           

DAVE~7 weeks on the program

beginning weight 20 pounds                             graduating weight 27 pounds 

DIEUPHINA~16 weeks on the program

beginning weight 24 pounds                       graduating weight 37 pounds

EVENS JEAN~15 weeks on program

beginning weight 24 1/2 pounds  ~ lowest weight 15 pounds  ~ graduating weight 21 pounds

FABIENNE~12 weeks on the program

beginning weight 7 pounds 7 ounces                         graduating weight  12 pounds

JESNER~9 weeks on the program

beginning weight 19 pounds                                     graduating weight 26 1/2 pounds

NOTREMENE~9 weeks on the program

beginning weight 25 pounds                               graduating weight 36 pounds

PAUL~20 weeks on the program

beginning weight 18 1/2 pounds                            graduating weight 30 pounds

ST. VIQUE~20 weeks on the program

beginning weight 29 pounds                             graduating weight 40 pounds

WILLIANE~9 weeks on the program

beginning weight 21 pounds ~ lowest weight 18 pounds ~ graduating weight 25 pounds

WILNOR~11 weeks on the program

beginning weight 16 pounds 8 ounces                       graduating weight 24 pounds

 We want to thank Meds & Food for Kids for producing this product here in Haiti, we want to thank World Wide Village for the funding of this product since 2008.  A special thank you to T & T Livesay for raising funds for this product that is saving lives each and every day in our little village of Cazale.  We cannot forget Lesley G, who updated all the profiles, and Allison who is now heading up this program, which takes a lot of hours to keep records and keep reports.  Lastly I want to thank those that do the small jobs that no one sees.   The nannies that work with the kids feeding them by spoonful each and everyday.  The countless volenteers that fill the bowls up for the kids each night, without complaining, just getting the job done, even though it is not to fun.  My nannies are more impressed with your work than anyone, and that means more to me than you know.  It is showing them Jesus through the little things we do that changes lives.  Thank you for being faithful.


  1. kathy says

    Such a difference when they aren’t starving! God bless.

  2. Rhonda says

    Oh wonderful the difference!

  3. Ronica says

    The kids look amazing! I was so blessed when I was there by the wonderful staff and their high level of care for these precious babies! God bless you all!!!

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