A Song from St. Vique


St. Vique

Ala Ingra-m Ta Ingra

Mwen pa kapab rete konsa
san m pa panse avek Jezi.
Se Li mem ki te geri-m
le-m t’ap soufri ak maladi-m nan.
Dokte pa’t ka fe anyen.
Lajan pa’t ka ba-m lavi.
Si-m pa panse avek Jezi
avek kiyes pou-m ta panse.

Ala ingra-m ta ingra
Pou-m pa’t t’ap loue Nom Jezi-m nan
paske le-m te malad
se Li mem ki te geri mwen.
Sa se mon temwayaj mwen
pou sa Jezi fe pou ke mwen.
Ou mem k’ap soufri joudia,
genyen jou w’ap delivre.


How Ungrateful I Would Be

I can not stay like this
without thinking of Jesus.
It was Him that healed me
when I was suffering with my sickness.
The doctor couldn’t do anything.
Money couldn’t give me life.
If I don’t think about Jesus
who am I to think about.

How ungrateful I would be
if I didn’t praise the Name of my Lord
Because when I was sick
it was Him that healed me.
This is my testimony
for what Jesus did for my heart.
You that are suffering today,
there is a day when you will be delivered.


  1. Hannah says

    Oh, how I miss this voice! I think this needs to be a series on the blog 🙂

  2. Kara says

    aw, how sweet! My knowledge of creole is extremely limited but I knew he was singing about Jesus. 🙂 thanks for posting the English lyrics!

  3. Bekki says

    I miss St. Vique so much! I especially love hearing his voice; when we were there he taught me the Kreyol words to “Jesus Loves the Little Children.” I adore St. Vique with my entire being. Tell me, did he write this song or is this a song sung by Haitians?

  4. Lori says

    Bekki, It’s a song that many people know here. There are several other verses and many people sing this song as a testimony at church after they are feeling better after a serious illness or when God worked a miracle in their lives.

  5. TammyInMN says

    BRAVO!!! I’m putting this on my iTunes!

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