Andremene and update on the matching funds

You can read the post about Tifamne and her mama (Andremene) here.  I was very torn the day that I admitted her daughter, Tifanme.  I wanted to help Andremene as she was very sick and malnourished herself.  We gave her money to help purchase food for her and her family.  We asked her to return to her home and get things in order so that she could leave for an extended period of time to come for treatment here at the RC.  She needed to find a place for her other children to stay while she was gone.  Each day I would think about her and wonder how she was.  We all took turns holding Tifanme.  Even though she is very small and malnourished, she does not seem to have lacked the affection of her mother.  She is content when being held close and loved.

Tifanme is slowly gaining weight.  She has gained about 3 pounds since being admitted.  She has no teeth, but has no problems eating all the other foods the kids eat.  You should see her eating a piece of chicken.  She will let you know it is hers and you better not mess with it.  😉

The week before Andremene was to return to RHFH, she become ill.  She began to vomit and have lots of diarrhea.   Her husband left her and the kids and she did not have anyone to help her.  She found a friend that said she could help her walk down the mountains.  They began walking and walking and walking.  It took them about 6 hours to get to the bottom of the mountain.  When they arrived there, Andremene could no longer walk and she lay down on the ground.  She had cholera and she was already so malnourished and sick.  Her friend left her there and ran up to the next village where she found someone with a motorcycle.     She got him to return to where Andremene was and quickly transport her to the cholera facility.  By this time, she could not sit or stand.  They wedged her in between the driver and the friend who sat behind her and held onto her so she would not fall off.  Within 30 minutes, they were at the CTC gate.  They were quickly taken in and and IV fluids started.  There is no doubt in my mind that the CTC saved her life.  Literally.  The next place that could have helped her is over an hour away.

Andremene gave up.  She decided that her weary body could not take anymore.  She just did not want to live.  Her body began shutting down.  She was dying.  Once her cholera cleared up, we moved her down from the CTC to the ICU.  We began giving her meds and trying to get her better, but she did not want to live.  She could see and hear Tifanme in the room next to her, but she did not have the strength to hold her.  We took Tifanme to her.  We talked and talked told her she needed to live for her children.  One of the nannies lost her mama when she was younger.  She talked to Andremene about how hard her life has been.  “When you do not have a mama, your life is misery because no one is there to fight for you” she told her.  The next day, she asked to hold Tifamne.

She talked to her.  She loved on her.  There was a change that started.  It was slow, but it was there.  The fight was back and she knew she had to try for her kids.  I am happy to report that she was able today to sit up by herself and was able to walk to the bathroom.  This is a HUGE victory!  We are hopeful that she will continue to regain her strength and recover.

Now Andremene is just one of the 6546 patients that have passed through the doors of the CTC cholera facility.  Just one, but the CTC made a difference in her life.   A life changing difference.  The CTC cholera facility is important to Cazale and many surrounding communities.  It is not something we ever thought would be apart of the ministry here at RHFH, but our mom always told us “Where there is a need, fill it”.  It  has not been easy to keep the center up and running, but it is a must for the community.  That first night in Nov 2010 when the clinic yard was filled with over 20 patients, Lori looked at me and said “If we are going to start this, we are going to do it all the way and it is going to last for years”.  That night, RHFH committed to helping those with cholera and we have been opened since that time.

We are so close to being able to move into the new facility.  The staff is so excited to have a large place where they can better care for patients.  There will be room to move around and they are excited!!  The community is thankful that this is our first building project on the new land.  It means so much to them that Jesus cares about them.  We are so happy to have a faithful follower offer this matching funds grant to RHFH.   We are so thankful to each of you that continue year and after year to pray, give and support our work.  It is so encouraging to know so many people care.  We tell the patients that people we have never even met care about them, pray for them, and give to their needs.  It blesses them.

So, we have $25,000 that has been offered for a matching grant.  Generous donors have already given $6670 so far.  If you are interested in helping out with this need and making your gift double, please use the donation button below. You can also send a check into our home office.  Real Hope For Haiti/P.O. Box 23/Elwood, IN 46036.  If you send a check in or use the paypal button on the upper right hand corner please include a memo letting us know it is for the matching grant.  May God bless each of you during this New Year of 2013.  To God be ALL the Glory!


  1. cheryl in Maine says

    Praise God, you got Andremene to want to live again! It is so wonderful to see her holding her daughter and smiling.

  2. Merryn Williams says

    This is so wonderful, fantastic news. It chokes me up to see a tiny wee smile on Andremene’s face. I wish I could meet her and talk to her . I will send a donation soon, thankyou everyone at RHFH for your incredible dedication to these beautiful people. xx

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