Answer the Question, Dude! #5

Real Hope for Haiti is very grateful for all of our friends and supporters that faithfully read this blog and share it with others. In some ways, we very much feel as though we share life with you in that we all have a passion for God and the Haitian people.

In many ways, our readers know us very well. Those of you who have visited Cazale know us even better. (By the way, if you have visited Haiti, please consider writing a review of our organization on Great Non Profits).   But however well you think you know us, I’m sure there are idiosyncrasies, quirks, and odd tidbits of information about us that would absolutely entertain you and help you to get to know the RHFH staff missionaries even better.

So, here is your chance to ask us any question about any topic you would like.

Questions about our childhood, life in Haiti, favorite things, best memories, biggest challenges…anything.

It can be funny or serious or somewhere in between. You can ask a general question or a question to a specific person.

RHFH staff missionaries and families will be answering these questions.  These people include Zach, Lorraine, Charles, Lori, Enoch, Licia, Carmelo, Henley, Trey, Ameyah (although Ameyah’s answers might be somewhat limited), Brennon, Allison, and Brianna.

Here are the old post with questions and answers:  #1   #2   #3   #4

To submit a question, just write it in the comments section of this post…. we will compile a list of answers and post them in a few days.

Let the games begin….


  1. Bekki says

    What do the boys see themselves doing when they are adults? Do they wish to be part of the RHFH mission, and if so, in what capacity?

    For Allison – sounds like you are staying there for a longer time than originally planned. What do you see as the biggest challenge being there, and what was the hardest thing for Brianna?

  2. Bekki says

    and is it completely psychotic that I fantasize of being there?

  3. brittanyRN says

    What is the most challenging part of what you do?? I am a young nurse with a God-sized dream of being a part of starting a clinic someday. By the way…do you need any volunteers?? 🙂

  4. Lee says

    A lot of the kids in the RC have lost their mothers and Haiti in general has a big problem with maternal death. Do you have any hopes/plans for boosting women’s and maternal health? (Not that you don’t do amazing work already…) And what can I do to help?

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