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What does a typical day look like for those who work in the rescue center?

The first shift begins at 6am.  They come in and get the kids up.  They put the beds up for the day, wash their faces, brush their teeth and  do an overall check on the kids.  If any of the kids are sick or not doing well they will bring them over to Lori and I to get them checked out.  The kids on medika mamba get there first dose around 7am.  The kids then go out to the eating area around 7:30 for breakfast.  After breakfast everyone gets a bath.  The ladies work together to give baths, diaper each child, and get them dressed.    Once the child is dressed another nannies gives them their morning meds.  We try to get all of this done by 10am.  At 10 they give another dose of the medika mamba to the kids that are on it. Parents and visitors can visit from 10 am until 12 30pm.  The kids watch a movie in the morning and as time permits have a play time with toys.  From 12 to 12:30 there is a time of prayer and singing.  The afternoon shift comes in a 12:30.  Both shift work together for an hour.  They feed the kids lunch during this time and give everyone a bath again.  At the end of each shift the head-in-charge makes a report of the day and lets us know of anything special that we need to be aware of for any of the kids.

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The afternoon shift finishes up getting the kids dressed and then puts the kids down for a nap.  After nap they give the medika mamba again and wash the kids faces.  They watch a movie and play with toys in the afternoon.  Parents and visitors can come from 2:00 until around 5:oopm. They have a snack around 4pm.   Around 6pm there is a time of singing and praying again for the kids.  Another dose of medika mamba is given around 6pm.  They then get their evening meds.  After meds they have dinner. After dinner they change their clothes and wash their faces for the night.  The beds are put out  and the kids lay down for bed.  The afternoon shift does another report and their shift ends at 9pm.


The night shift works from 9pm until 6am.  Most of the kids are sleeping during the night.  They feed the babies and change diapers throughout the night.  If the kids wake up before their shift is over they get those kids up and wash their faces to help the day shift out.


Each day they have an extra activity they do as well, like cleaning ears, cutting fingernails, braiding hair and doing head to toe checks on the kids.

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There are 7 ladies that wash 6 days a week as well as 2 cooks that work in the Rescue Center.  This center houses the kids in phase 2 of their recovery.  Once we know they are going to live we graduated them out of the ICU.

Maybe next month I can explain about how the ICU runs?



  1. Cheryl says

    Oh yes please! 🙂
    Thanks so much for taking the time I explain how the day works, having a “visual” like that really helps steer how we should pray here. God Bless

  2. Tammy in MN says

    I second the post on the ICU. Very interesting. Do you have much outdoor space for the children? Or are they just not strong enough for outdoor play?

  3. Lori says

    We’ll put this question into the next post. Thanks for asking.

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