Babies from the Rescue Center :)



Gabriel—-always happy and willing to giggle with anyone

Gabriel March (1) (640x427)

Louivens-quiet and loves to be cuddled.

Louivens March (427x640)

Sammuel-not many thought this cutie would make it.  But he did and is growing and getting so big…he is quiet and loves to be held.

Sammuel March (1) (427x640)

Steevenson-over a year old and just reached 11 1/2 pounds this past week.  He is a fighter and will laugh with anyone that spends some time with him.

Steevenson March  (427x640)

Wilnorson-this little guy took several weeks to recover from severe diarrhea.  He is felling better and loving life.  He is a joy to all those that meet him.

Wilnorson march (640x427)






  1. Linda Russell says

    God is Awesome!!!!
    So are his Workers!!
    May God Bless you all!

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