Can you help us to get more diapers for RHFH?

This is from a new friend of RHFH who is working to get cloth diapers for the 75 to 80 kid we have in the Rescue Center and ICU.  Here is the post from their facebook page :

“Are you ready to rock change? We’ve partnered with our friends at The Little Bee Co. to provide blessings of diapers! Here’s how you can provide four (yes, FOUR) cloth diapers to babies in need for the price of less than 1. Go towww.thelittlebeeco.com. Select your diaper. At checkout, enter JAKE for 30% off. Then, more blessings kick in. A match is made from Jake’s Diapers, so you are actually getting 2 for 1. But then, The Little Bee Co. matches those 2, thus 4 (YES, FOUR!!!!) diapers are donated to the babes in need for less than the price of 1!!!! The coupon code JAKE is only valid for donations to Jake’s Diapers, as this will help us get many many diapers to cute little keisters in need!

What if you want a diaper for your cute little fluffy babe? You can still help us!! Just put in the comments that you want your diaper twin to go to Jake’s Diapers, and it will!!! Because, for each diaper you buy from The Little Bee Co, one is donated to an orphan in need!!!

Who’s ready to ROCK CHANGE? Let’s get this party started and see how many diapers we can get for our little Peruvian and Haitian friends in need!!!” – Jake


How many diapers do you think we go though in 24 hours with 75 (average) kids?  It is a lot of diapers!  Maybe you cannot purchase some to help us out with this need right now, but you have some diapers you would like to donate.  Great!  You can send them to:

Debbie Woodward
Main Office
Northrup King Building
1500 Jackson Street
Minneapolis, MN 55413
contact info debra_woodward@msn.com

Or maybe you are looking for a sewing project for you or your small group.  You can go to this facebook page to get some idea of sewing project you can do for Real Hope For Haiti.

Or maybe you like to call, email and network.  Could you find a place that is willing to donate gently used cloth diapers.  Maybe you have a cloth diaper service in your area that you could talk to for us to get donations.

Please consider one of these great ideas to help us continue to have diapers for the children that we serve.


  1. christi says

    Here’s the link to the “Sew for Real Hope for Haiti” page on facebook….


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