Villager’s View: Bethel

Odnel starting volunteering soon after cholera started as a community health agent.  He worked as a volunteer to educate about cholera and give first aid.  He often sent patients to the cholera treatment center and collaborated with us and other organizations to fight against cholera.  In 2014, we were able

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Cazale dreamin’.

There are about 8.839 million things we love about Cazale. …the country lifestyle… …the tenacity of the people…  …the growth and development of the community… …the hope for the future…  …the wisdom of the past… …and the beauty of the surroundings… also… donkeys (not pictured here). What do you love

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Staff Spotlight-Fifi

Fifi has been working at Real Hope for Haiti since August 2011. She is 50 years old.  She is originally from a village behind the mountain of Cazale that is about a 4 hour walk from RHFH.  She moved with her sister to Cazale in 1993.  Her husband left her

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Reforestation with the Community Group

The community group (GVADK) loves to plant trees and they are at it again!  This year, they are focused on the mountain area behind the public market.                                       We have about 4000

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Because You Asked…

Because You Asked… Our donors are always so generous and many of you continuously ask how you can help Real Hope For Haiti. In Indiana, we have a container that is approximately 10 pallets short of being a full load. The load contains items, such as medicine and infant formula,

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Pictures from around Cazale

a load of bean being carried home to be cleaned and shelled view from above the valley of Cazale local market     garden of banana trees a big beautiful mango tree crackers, cookies candy for sale pen~bread bega~boiled skin from the cows and pigs fritay~fried plantains, flour balls and chicken

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