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Cholera Cases on the Rise

With the help of many organizations and individuals, we were able to open the new CTC (cholera treatment center) in March 2013.  We are deeply grateful for each of you that have supported and prayed with us through this process.  You have made it possible to give quality care in a facility specifically designed to care for cholera.  Patients and staff are out of the sun, rain, and mud.  They are each given a bed to rest and recuperate.  We have adequate space to store supplies so that we are ready with supplies already in Cazale when cases increase rapidly.

April 18 2013 a 020 (2) c

There are two wards – 1)male and 2)women/children.  Each can hold 25 patients and their care givers comfortably.  That is a total of 50 patients.  No longer do we have to put 2-3 patients to a cot or make the care givers stand.  It is a relief to patients and staff to have this bigger facility that is designed with their needs in mind.

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Everyone one gets up and sits outside on the porch in the morning while the staff clean and disinfects the wards.  We want to do our best to eliminate the cholera that comes into the center so that none ever goes back out with care givers or staff.  It is good for the patients move around and get fresh air.  There is adequate space to do this now.


We are still having extreme cases come in where the patients are unconscious upon arrival.  They need IV fluids immediately!  On several occasions lately, our nurses have literally ran down the road to meet someone coming to the CTC in order to give them fluids more quickly.  One motorcycle driver was bringing someone to the CTC, when he broke down.  He knew that his passenger didn’t have much time left before she passed out.  She couldn’t stand up and could hardly hold herself on the motocycle.  He picked her up and started running with her to the CTC.  When he got close, he started yelling and one or the employees heard him.  They were able to get the IV line in quickly and she recovered.  Cholera is still attacking people all over Haiti.  Many thought that it would diminish in strength and number, but we are not seeing that this rainy season.




In the last 1.5 months, there have been 4 people with cholera (16 yr old girl and 3 other children under 5 yrs) that were on there way to the center, but died on the way.   When they arrived, we received them and took care of the burials.

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We have also had several malnourished children that have come in for cholera that we have been able to help by giving them medika mamba in the CTC.  Some of these patients are later admitted to the rescue center or to our outpatient program to recover from malnutrition.


Despite the sadness that we see, there is much hope and healing.  Most people recover in 3-4 days and leave with the knowledge of how to protect themselves and their families from cholera in the future.  We thank you for your support in this important work.  Without you, none of this would be possible.


Here are some stats from the CTC:

New Admits  for…
JAN – 171
FEB – 109
MAR – 53
APR – 59
MAY – 56
JUN – 76
JUL – 222
AUG (1-12) – 133

Aug 12 2013

Since the beginning in Nov 9, 2010, we have received 7474 cases of cholera.  There are charts for 7384 people.  That means that there have been 90 repeat patients.  There have been 22 deaths at the CTC.  There was one transfer to another facility.  That makes 7361 people that have made a full recovery at the CTC.


sharpie markers
plastic clipboards
heavy-duty spray bottles
peds hospital gowns
children’s diapers
rechargeable lanterns and batteries
tape to secure IVs
Zofran PO
Azithromycin suspension and pills
funds to purchase chairs, hook for IVs, screens, and paint here in Haiti
funds for payroll for the extra staff
vehicle for transporting supplies, patients, and staff – small pick-up or 4-wheeler/Gator


If you have questions, please email lori <at> realhopeforhaiti <dot> org.  Thanks!


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