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cholera stats graph

by: Lori

We would like to thank HaitiServe, North Christian Church, and all of the many wonderful donors that have made it possible for us to treat 659 people so far with cholera.  Thank you to the organizations and individuals who have donated tens of thousands of dollars worth of medications.  These aren’t just lines on a graph.  They are people.  Precious people.  This isn’t just a click of the paypal button or check that you send in.  Your gift towards cholera relief is actually a gift of life for all of them.  We count it an honor to provide excellent health care that is saving mothers, fathers, and children.  It is a joy to educate a family to protect themselves by changing just a few things that they do in their home.  You are a part of this.  I’ve watched faces of death turn to faces of hope and joy in just a matter of days.  Unconscious victims of cholera carried in on doors are soon able to walk home to share the knowledge that they have learned from the newly employed Haitian staff.  Thank you for making this possible.  Your support – through finances, encouragement, and prayers – is making a difference.


For the docs that were here over the New Year’s Eve, here is the guy that was so bad and had the rock hard abdomen.


Rigidity resolved after 3 days of the IV meds.  He ended up getting 48 liters.

Taking IV fluids

He’s doing great and back home.  He sends his thanks!


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