Cholera Update

In December, there were 175 patients treated in the cholera treatment center.  So far, we’ve seen 138 people in January.  These months are part of our dry season with very little rainfall.  Usually, the cases drop considerably in these months…except this year.  We are not sure why there is such steady high number of cases, but all organizations currently involved continue to do all they can to stop the disease from spreading.

The Haitian health department, Christian Aid Ministries and the French Red Cross are still giving us supplies that they have on hand whenever possible.  The French Red Cross does home visits to disinfect and educate.  The also visit the center with hygiene kits for those admitted.  Our constant need is an IV fluid called Ringer’s Lactate.  This month, we had one man use 110 liters during his stay.  Another used 87 liters.  We try to have the patients drink an oral rehydration drink instead of using the IV fluid whenever possible, but this is impossible with some children, those that are unconscious, and others.  Thankfully, these organizations supply us with 50-100 cases at each distribution.  We are very grateful for this collaboration for the health and well-being of those in the area.  We wouldn’t be able to keep our doors open without this support and teamwork.

There have been 4 deaths in the area from cholera in the last two months.  This illness is still causing heartache, pain, and suffering throughout the country.  Many organizations have turned their eye from cholera to other needs in the world, but this disease is still a deadly threat in Haiti.

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Our staff is doing well and working hard.  Two of the ladies are on maternity leave.  We are happy for healthy moms and babies and for the time that they have off to recover and bond.  Everyone else is stepping up to ensure the patients and caregivers receive good care and helpful information.

Thank you to each of you that pray for these patients, caregivers, and staff.  Thank you to each of you that send medicines, clothes, and supplies.  Thank you to each of you that donate funds for payroll, transportation, and food.  Together we are making a difference and helping recovery of cholera patients in Jesus’ Name.  Thank you for being a light of hope in the midst of this dark epidemic.

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  1. Lynn says

    love you guys and the work you do so much! Thank you for your love and steadfast commitment to the Haitian people!

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