Cleaning the River

HAPPY SATURDAY! (Anna here)  I love that my first day here was Saturday because I got to see the community group in action right in front of RHFH and weighed all the kids.  Crazy how much kids grow in 4 months!!

See these hardworking people?

Aren’t they awesome!

The community group chose to clean up trash that has accumulated by the river and make a giant trash can for the station in front of the clinic.

This new addition to the community will help keep the trash out of the river helping keep everyone healthier, and everyone is excited about how nice the area surrounding the bridge already looks:

It’s amazing to see the determination and devotion put into every Saturday’s work day and many of the members have been a part of the community group for years.  Please keep them in your prayers as they continue to bless this community and live as examples to those around them of how to be a productive member of the society! I can’t say I give a lot back to my community at home half as much as these men and women do to theirs… I think a lot of us born in the states take for granted the blessed communities we live in without realizing how much goes into “simple” things such as having the privilege of public trash cans.

The community works hard every week to improve their homes- it’s such a huge gift to Cazale to have such a solid group of people who take time to work for the king of community they want to live in!


  1. Kathy says

    It looks like a beautiful area.

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