Clinic patient of the month-DeJean

Dejean has been coming to our clinic since 2005.  He found out in 2001 that he was a diabetic.  He was going to a clinic that was near his home but they closed down.  The same month he developed a large wound on his foot.  He came to the clinic in Cazale and was seen by Madame Zach (our mom).  She knew that day that she did not want to send him back to his home (1.5hrs by taxi), as he needed daily dressing changes and daily medications.  He slept in our medication room for several months during his healing process.  We did not have anywhere else to house him at the time.  He was happy to be getting daily care and we were able to get him on a good schedule for his daily insulin shots.  When his leg healed he stayed out in the Cazale area for a few months before returning to his home village.  Since he returned home towards the end of 2005, he has faithful been coming to the clinic each month to receive his medications and insulin. Since 2005, he has not missed one appointment we have given him.  

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At the beginning of August 2015 He stepped on something that poked the bottom of his foot.  In a few days his foot was severely infected and was beginning to have several open places full of infection. He came to the clinic in hopes that we could do dressing changes again to save his foot.  After several days we knew that he needed to have his foot amputated or risk losing his life.  We sent him to a large new hospital a few hours away from us.  He was there 2 days.  They looked at his foot once, and told him that he did not need anything done but daily dressing changes but they did not have a bed for him as they were full.  He slept out on the ground by the security guards for the night.  The next day another doctor told him there was not much they could do for him there and he should return home.  We sent a vehicle to pick him, and took him to another hospital in Port.  They received him well and knew right away he needed his foot amputated.  He spent 7 days in the hospital until they released him.  He is now back at the clinic in Cazale healing and will return home with his family once he is well enough.

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Dejean lives with his mother.  His father died when he was a child and he does not remember much about him.  There are three boys in the family and they all live with their families in the mother’s home or in a house right next door.  This helps their mom to have family near.  They also cook all their meals together to save money.  Dejean was a director of a school for many years but felt his health was getting worse and stopped working 2 years ago. He has 1 son who is 17 years old that lives with his mother.  In his spare time he enjoys playing dominoes and cards games.  He attends a protestant church near his home and is a part of a Sunday school group and also attends classes there.  He said his biggest problem in life is being a diabetic and living in Haiti.  He is discouraged at times and wishes that his illness could be fixed with medicine after a few weeks and not return.  He has accepted that this is a life long illness and one that he deals with daily.

We are hoping to get the cost covered for the surgery for him.  Here is the break down of cost below.

Medications/ bed/wound care——————-$521.80

Hospital fees/X-rays/lab/blood test————$390.50

Operation/surgery room————————–$1330.54



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Thank you so much!


Total given: $2090.84


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