Clinic Review – November 2013

In November, the clinic saw 3573 patients for the month – 718 new patients & 2855 return patients.  There were 354 infants 0-12 months, 562 children 1-4 yrs, 320 children 5-14 yrs, 275 pregnant women, and 2062 patients 15 yrs+.

pts waiting-education - Nov 2013

There were 35 births – 3 were born in a hospital/clinic and 32 were born at home.  There was only one that was under 5 pounds.  The mom’s ages were 5 women (15-19 yrs), 23 (20-34 yrs), and 7 (35 yrs and up).

newborn - Nov 2013

There were 916 children 0-5 yrs.  There were 503 of these that were malnourished.  That means 55% of kids under 5 were malnourished.  There were 89 cases of kwashiorkor – 74 were treated outpatient and 15 were admitted to the ICU.  There were 940 cases of malnutrition throughout the total patients seen.  That would mean that 26% of our total patients (all ages) are malnourished.  There were 599 cases of anemia.

malnutrition - Nov 2013

There were 59 cholera cases – no deaths, no transfers.


There were 32 HIV patients and 27 TB patients.  There were 9 malaria cases and 2 typhoid cases.

malaria - Nov 2013

There were 20 patients of asthma, 283 patients with hypertension, 69 diabetics, and 22 with seizures.

pt consult - Nov 2013

There were 150 eye infections, 407 skin infection, 165 fungal infections, 246 respiratory infections, 190 urinary tract infections, 95 ear infections, 48 STDs.

infection - Nov 2013

The clinic expenses were $9148.95.  The clinic income was $4632.86 and rest was covered with donations of $4516.09.

caisse - Nov 2013

The clinic employees 17 people.

employees - Nov 2013


We appreciate the support, donations, time, and advise that many people and organizations give to RHFH to help us continue serving our patients.  We couldn’t do it without you!  Thank you!


  1. Bekki says

    The numbers are pretty amazing – thank you for the breakdown of who you serve. I know that Jesus serves beside you day after day, and that you count on Him to help you make it through! We send our love along with whatever donations we send!

  2. Allison says

    Thank you for this info. And for willingly being the hands and feet of the Great Physician! May you be encouraged as the year draws to a close and another one approaches. He is the Great Provider. May you feel His provision for your needs, no matter how large or small. Blessings to you!

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