In the fall of 2010, a Cholera outbreak devastated the country of Haiti, which was already reeling from a major earthquake earlier that same year.  Our area was severely impacted by this outbreak, and RHFH did our best to address the needs of those suffering.  RHFH was fortunate to have various health care professionals from the US, Canada, and another organization in Haiti, volunteer their time and expertise in combating this outbreak.  The community of Cazale donated the use of a house to use for the care of cholera patients.  We are so thankful to our community leaders for working together to make sure that we were able treat these patients.

Experts suggest that cholera will be a significant health problem for 7-10 years.  There are limited cholera treatment centers (CTC) throughout the country and the Cazale CTC has played a important role in helping to treat those north of Port-au-Prince up to Montrious and back into the mountains of Fond Bapist, Tibwa, Delice, Boudou, and Sodo.  With over 8200 patients treated, there have been 24 deaths.  Most of these deaths occurred within the first minutes of arriving because they arrived too late.

We thank each of you that has prayed, sent supplies, came to help, and donated funds.  Many individuals, organizations, and the Haitian government have given generous aid at crucial times so that we could continue to keep our doors open and provide free care available to all.  We thank everyone that donated resources to help complete the CTC facility as well.  It was dedicated to God and will bring quality health care that will save lives for years to come.

Construction Updates