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Corn Seed

Our friends at Global Aid Partnership called a few weeks ago.  We were glad to hear from them and hear they had a container full of corn seed for distribution in Haiti.  GAP gave RHFH 500 sacks  (55 pounds each) to be given out in our area.  GVADK (our community development group) has been working hard all week giving these seeds out to local farmers in the Cazale and surrounding areas. 

Sacks of seed arriving in Cazale

farm land that has been cultivated by hand and is ready to be planted by the local farmers

Eachday this week we invited different villages from our section of Haiti.  The farmer has to let us know how much corn he can plant and sign a paper stating that he has received the corn.  He will then return in a few month to give us an update on the progress of his crop.  He will then give a return on his crop.

Here is a farmer signing and getting ready to receive his corn seed.

Most dry items are measured out in #10 cans here, so that is what we measured the corn in.  Each farmer brought a sack or bag to carry the corn back home in.

Here are some pictures of the groups receiving the corn.  Each group of ten to fifteen people has a group leader that will come and let us know how the crops are growing.

As of Friday at 2pm we have served  670 farmers with an average of 15 pounds of seed each.  We are excited and thankful to GAP and the  donor that gave the semi container full of seeds to Haiti.

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