Danielson needs a CT Scan


Danielson is a delightful 2 year old boy who was admitted last year with severe acute malnutrition. He has gained weight slowly, which is likely secondary to sleep apnea. His has persistent loud breathing, sounding like he has severe nasal congestion. He snores very loudly while sleeping. He has observable sleep apnea- you can see his abdominal muscles moving like he is trying to take a breath but there are no breath sounds when listening to his lungs. His preferred sleeping position is to have his forehead on the crib slats so that his neck is extended- he looks terribly uncomfortable. He sleeps very fitfully, frequently crying in his sleep. This boy needs some type of airway surgery and an ENT surgeon. I happened to sit next to a general surgeon on a flight in February. He works in the United States and comes to Haiti periodically to perform surgeries in Haiti. He gave me the name of an ENT surgeon who also comes to Haiti. I have been communicating with this ENT surgeon. He is willing to perform any indicated surgery for Danielson but requested an evaluation by an ENT surgeon first. Well, that is easier said than done- this specialty is not easily found in Haiti. But by God’s providence we located a visiting ENT surgeon and Danielson had an evaluation on Thursday. We thank God for His provision! He was found to have some kind of mass in his nose that is likely the source of his problems. A cat scan of the head has been requested to try and better identify what this mass is and, hopefully, prepare for surgery.

We need to raise $300 US for the CT scan. And in the future, we will likely need to raise money for the surgery- at this point we don’t know what the surgery will entail and our focus is on the resources needed for the CT Scan. Would you prayerfully consider contributing to this need. Thank you for loving our patients in such substantive ways.

Danielson is a happy, sweet, smiling boy when he is not sleeping. I am excited to see how he grows and develops when his body can rest and recover with a solid night’s rest.


  1. Maia says

    I will send $100 to Indiana address.
    Good way to celebrate Easter morning!

  2. Tena says

    $$ sent via paypal

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