December 2017 Update

We admitted 14 new children into our inpatient care facility for treatment for severe malnutrition. They range in age from 6 months to 4 1/2 years.

There were 7 children that were healed and returned home with their families. They will continue to come to the clinic each month for check-ups and to make sure they are maintaining their weight. We had 1 child that died in our care in December.

We had a total of 38 children on the outpatient medika mamba program for the month of December.  There were 10 that reached their goal weight and graduated, 2 children did not respond to treatment and were removed from the program, 6 children abandoned the program (not showing up for 2 weeks in a row), and one was admitted for inpatient care.

There were a total of 31 children in our inpatient care facility that were on the medika mamba program this past month.  There were 12 children that graduated and all others remain on the program. 

There were 1174 patients that passed in the outpatient clinic. 231 were new and 943 were return patients.

There were 527 children under 5 yrs old who came to clinic.  46% of children coming to the clinic are undernourished (below weight for height).  18% are moderately or severely malnourished.

There were 28 babies born this month.  All were born at their house with a midwife or TBA (traditional birth attendant).  All weighed over 5 pounds when born.  4 of these mothers were under 19 yrs old.

163 women received prenatal consultations.  Only 8 of these came in their first trimester.  43 were considered at-risk pregnancies by the Haiti health department standards.  39 anemic confirmed by testing.  114 women made a birth plan.

14 people were tested for malaria and 5 were positive.  26 people were tested for HIV and 0 were positive.

There were 27 emergencies and we were able to care for them all at the clinic.  8 were sutured.

We used 157 tubes of bacitracin and 4220 tablets of tylenol.  One visitor brought in needed items.

113 people were cared for in the cholera treatment center.  There were 455 liters of LR used and 1401 liters of oral rehydration solution used.  That’s an average 16.4 liters of fluid per person needed to rehydrate these patients.  That’s 4.3 gallons per person.  The average stay is 3 days.

There were no deaths, though many came in unable to walk or totally unconscious.

There were 36 visitors in December from other organizations collaborating and supervising the CTC.

Solar panels were connected and electrical wiring repaired to light up the CTC so the staff, caregivers, and patients can see better at night to give the best care possible.

242 individuals and organizations donated in December from 3 different countries.  There was one volunteer that came to help.  None of this work could be done without your compassion, dedication, and sacrifice.  We appreciate each and every one of you and pray God’s blessings on your lives and homes in this coming year!  THANK YOU!!!!  You are amazing!!


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