F-75 and F-100 Therapeutic Milk

We admit a lot of children that are severely malnourished and very sick.  We are currently using Medika Mamba  (watch a CNN video here about the product) and love how it works for our kids.   After reading many books and dealing with a lot of very sick kids we have seen the need to add the F-75 and F-100 therapeutic milk to our program.  This product would be used before the child is started on the medika mamba, and would be used for those that are severe cases.

What is F-75 and F-100 Therapeutic milk used for?

F-75 therapeutic milk (75 Kcal/100ml Formula) is designed for the stabilisation of
hospitalised patients during the first phase of the treatment of severe acute
malnutrition, it is suitable for children 6 months old and up. F-100 therapeutic milk is used in stage two of treatment.

Additional info on the product

When a child suffering from severe acute malnutrition arrives at the hospital,
he/she often shows medical complications (infections, hepatic insufficiency, etc.).
A child with such complications is unable to tolerate usual levels of
proteins, fats and sodium. Therefore, it is  important to begin nutritional
treatment by giving foods with low levels of proteins, fats and sodium, but
rich in carbohydrates (F-75 therapeutic milk).

Caring for children that are severely malnourished is not an easy thing to do.  Many times you think they just need food to eat.  But it is a lot more complicated than that.  I have three book that I recommend to anyone that is caring for severely sick and malnourished children.

 Management of Severe Malnutriton

 Management of the Child with serious infection or severe malnutrition.

Guidelines for the inpatient treatment of severely malnourished Children 

All three of these books can be downloaded for free in french & english.  

If you are dealing with any kids with malnutrition these are great resources to read.  Caring for a severely malnourished child is very complicated.  These books, if you take the time to read them in detail, give a great deal of information of how to best care for severely malnourished children.



I wanted to share with you my research on finding F-75 and F-100 therapeutic milk for us to use here at RHFH.   There are three places that I could find in the world that produces this product.



1.  Challenge Dairy -located in Dublin, CA 

contact info :

877-88DAIRY, 925-551-7591 (fax), consumerinfo@challengedairy.com 


 F75 (410g) 20 pouches/case – $25.00 USD (Each sachet yields 2.4 L of milk).  One pallet is 40 cases $1,000 USD

F75 (102.5g) 120 pouches/case – $66.20 USD, one pallet is 40 cases $2,648 USD.   

F100 (114g) 90 pouches/case – $63.20 USD, one pallet is 40 cases $2,528 USD. 

F100 (456g) 30 pouches/case – $59.75 USD, one pallet is 40 cases $2,390 USD. 

2. Nutristet  located in Normandy, France

contact info:


or by phone :  +33(0)2 32 93 82 82 

Pricing:  120 sachet (102.5 grams) per case  1 case is $53.73US

They mostly provide this product to UNICEF and seemed to have a waiting list and mostly sold to those purchasing larger quantities.  They were very nice and provided me with helpful information.

3. MSI 

contact info:

Phone +49 (0) 6172 – 39 88 111


I was never able to make contact with them to get a pricing on the product.

In country the product is distributed by MSPP through UNICEF.   A contact person for them in the West department is Miss Karine 3847-7943  I believe that you have to be UNICEF approved to be added to their program.

A Child’s Refuge is providing funding for a pallets of this product and shipping to the warehouse in MN.  Debbie W.  will then help us begin to get the product here little by little with people that are traveling to Haiti and are willing to carry in bags for RHFH.  It will be a group effort in getting this product to us and to begin using it for our sickest children.  We believe that this will be a huge help to our program here at RHFH.  Please feel free to pass this information onto others that might be interested in the product or are caring for severely sick and malnourished children.


  1. bekki says

    Licia – do you want me to try to get a case shipped to me to bring in December?

  2. Kristie says

    We are so honored to be able to support RHFH by getting this palate of Therapeutic Milk to your warehouse in MN. I pray it will be a source of help in saving lives.

    Bondye beni nou!

  3. Tena says

    I will contact Debbie about the logistics of bringing some in January! This is exciting progress.

  4. Licia says

    sure you can contact Debbie W and see what she think. I am not sure how heavy it is.

  5. Sarah says

    Thank you so much for the book recommendations! I am working at an orphanage here in Haiti for 6 months. A little girl just came to us severely malnourished and I’m trying to find as much information as possible. I haven’t read so many journal articles since college! I’ve found formulas to make your own F-75 and F-100 but it would be much easier to purchase. Thanks again!

  6. nathan says

    Be blessed for all: i like people like you . for me i am in RWANDA interested in HUMAN NUTRITION and DIETETICS carrier where i am also meeting with some of these cases in REFUGE camps and even in district hospitals but there is proverb (slowly by slowly makes journey). thanks

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