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Fast facts

Medika Mamba current numbers:

Medika Mamba

Mamba Djanm

Total number of patients treated with Medika Mamba since 2009-754

Total number of patients treated with Mamba Djanm since 2013-90

Jan 12014 a 007

Clinic in Feb:

Patients consulted: 3189

Patients referred to other hospitals: 166

Cholera patients: 21

March 18 2014 a 005

Rescue Center in Feb:

Current number of inpatients: 60

children admitted last month: 18

children that returned home healed: 8

children that died: 3

March 18 2014 a 022

Food Boxes:

We currently receive  around 300 boxes of FMSC rice each month.  These are used in our inpatient facility and given out in our Friday feeding program.

Nov 1 2013 (2)

School Sponsorship:   

The school sponsorship program currently help around 130 children.

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