GIFT A GOAT to a Haitian family

Jan 30 056 cHave you ever wanted to help Haitians in a sustainable way?  Have you thought that increasing food security for the poor includes increasing the available livestock in the area?  Do you think goats can be helpful to Haitian families?

If you answered YES to any of these, then continue reading!

The community development group (GVADK) would like to start a goat program to help families improve their diet, increase their income, and give back to the community.  The group would give a female goat to a family and the first two baby goats are for the group.  The mama goat and all the additional goats are for the family.  The baby goats that the group will get will help advance the project even more.  The female baby goats will be given to other families and the male baby goats will be sold to help back to the group’s projects.




We would like to start the project with 5 goats and each goat will cost $50.  Our project goal is $250.

Please use the paypal button below to donate towards this goat project.  You can also send in your donation to RHFH, 15215 Endeavor Dr, Noblesville, IN 46060.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~UPDATE:  The goal is met….and then some! You have donated enough for 15 goats. THANK YOU!!


  1. Carrie says

    What happens to the goats once they’re adopted into a family?

  2. Lori says

    The family cares for the female goat and she has baby goats. The first 2 baby goats go back to the community group so they can give them to others. The rest of the baby goats are for the family. As they grow, the family can eat or sell them as they want. They can also choose to keep the baby female goats and raise them to adult for additional babies goat. The hope is that the goat provides food and/or income for the owner.

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