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God is touching hearts and lives

In October, we were able to have devotions and prayer with 2669 people that came to the clinic.  There were 4 souls that were saved.  There were 5 New Testaments, 7 children’s Bibles, 6 books, 2117 magazines, and 552 brochures distributed.  There were 16 people that requested spiritual counseling.

Reaching out in faith, 14 people asked for prayer for healing and other needs.  There are four people that we would like to share and encourage you to lift them up in prayer.  M.E. is a 23 year old woman who recently tested HIV+ and is having a difficult time accepting this.  J.A. is a 19 yr old man who has been an orphan most of his life.  He was passed around from house to house and often abused.  He’s requesting prayer for some mental and social problems that he is fighting now.  J.E. is a 53 yr old man that is asking prayer for strained relationships of those living in his house.  A.P. is a 27 yr old woman that is asking for prayer for strength for family and neighbors that are persecuting her because of her Christian faith.

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The children in the ICU and rescue center were daily visited and prayed over.  There were 25 Christian activities (coloring, story, Bible verses, singing) done with the older children throughout the month.

There were weekly classes held on Mondays for 7 adult students reading through the book “Growing to Find Maturity” and they held there graduation on the last Monday in October.  There were 8 children that worked through the children’s study book on Abraham during weekly classes on Fridays.

Thank you for supporting and praying for the staff and patients.  Please continue to ask the Lord to use RHFH medical and feeding programs as a door to open hearts and minds to Christianity.  Pray that the staff would listen to the Lord’s leading while talking to patients and their families.

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