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God’s Word Is A Lamp To My Feet

We love Jesus and we love to share His Good News!  Bible study classes are just one way that we do this.  Our chaplain, Ginette, and another employee, Odnel are holding weekly classes on different subjects.  We are using LIFE literature books in Kreyol.  These books are free here in Haiti and come in a wide range of levels – kids to adults, new Christians to witnessing, and much more.  The books take 4-12 weekly sessions to go through.  Sometimes the students can read through the lesson during the class.  Other classes (with books that have longer and more complex chapters) require the students to read and answer questions at home and the weekly sessions are used to discuss what they are learning and what God is showing them.

Odnel teaching

This past month, Odnel’s class was on Fridays and was for 8 pre-teens.  They studied Abraham’s life and lessons learned.  Their graduation was this past Friday.  The students liked to hear about the stories, memorize scripture verses (every student, every week!), and answer the questions at the end of each chapter.  Most said that the lesson that they most learned was that they need to always wait on God and not get ahead of God.

Abraham class - Oct 2015

Ginette’s class was on Mondays and had 7 adults.  They studied the book ” Growing to Maturity” and studied growing in Christ’s ways.  The favorite lesson was about love –  for God, in families, and with others.  They learned about caring for others in a Christian way and how to be the body of Christ to the lost and hurting.  One student commented that he was a complex person, always trying to figure others out and was easily upset.  He felt that God is changing his attitude.  He is working on loving everyone equally now, not just those that treat him well or do things for him.  Another student liked the chapter that discussed trust.  She was always afraid of getting hurt by people and didn’t trust anyone.  She saw that it was important to not be afraid of people and relationships with others are important.  She felt that God was telling her to accept some people as a friends, but to always depend on God first.  He has promised to never let her down or poorly treat her.  Trust is the basis of relationships with others and she is going to work on that in the coming months.

Bible study class - Oct 2015

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