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Gretchen’s notes

Our mom, Gretchen, kept many notebooks of quotes saying and thoughts and she could look back on when she needed encouragement and strength.  I’m not sure where she got this so I can’t give credit to the author, but I trust that the words will speak to you.

Dealing with sin

It is important to deal with sins of the heart and attitude before they fester, poisoning our lives and resulting in hateful actions.

1)  Guard against bitterness in your own heart and among God’s people.  It most often causes people to turn away from God.

2)  Turn away from fear, faintheartedness, and discouragement.  All unbelief is sin.  Trust in God’s presence.  He promises to be with you always to keep you from fear.

3)  Be mindful of your proneness to sin and turning away from God.  Acknowledge and rely on God’s strength and abundant provision.

I concentrate on this:  I leave the past behind and with hands outstretched to whatever lies ahead, I go straight for the goal – my reward the honor of being called by God in Christ.     -Philippians 3:13-14

Steps to holiness – Being separated and distinct from the world.

1)  Practice scripture memorization and meditation to fix God’s Word in your consciousness and allow it to change your behavior.

2)  Seek out from the Scriptures the way God wants you to live and practice them so that your life will be pleasing to Him.

3)  Understand that when you choose any action, you choose it’s consequences as well.

God’s primary goal is to make us holy (removal of shortcomings) that is to form His character in us.  Looking through the eyes of love He already sees us as we will be when the work is done.  He works out His goals for us in the arena of everyday life.

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