Haiti Happenings 22/8/2014

Here are some links for those of you interested in Haiti.

  • Here is a youtube video describing the benefits of an efficient BioMass cook stove  that can cook multiple dishes and bake in oven with only one burner. This group is attempting to curb the use of charcoal, that is ultimately contributing to soil erosion. 
  • A young engineer from Cameroon has designed the Cardiopad: The Cardiopad is a device that can perform tests such as the electrocardiogram (ECG) and wirelessly send the results of the tests from remote locations to the specialist who will then interpret them. This type of technology could be useful in our rural context. 
  • Haiti has large trade deficits. Here is a look at some of the economic numbers behind that.
  • Here is Christian Artist Chris Tomlin talking about his upcoming concert in Port-au-Prince this Saturday, August 23, 2014.
  • Everyone loves sports, right? Well, Haiti’s Polo team beat the US Polo team to win the San Francisco International Polo Classic. 
  • Haiti’s GDP per capita is $473.30. By comparison, GDP per capita of the USA is $45,863.02.  (GDP per capita is inflation adjusted GDP divided by total population.)

We plan to periodically post links to keep you aware of what is happening in Haiti.

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  1. Bekki says

    thank you for this information. As you know, mainstream American news doesn’t report much on Haiti unless it is bad. I appreciate being able to see some of the good. Love you guys!

  2. Joyce White says

    Thank you very much for the info links. The Bio Mass stove is truely exciting news for developing countries-particularly Haiti where the mtns. have been deforested to make charcoal. Do you have plans to fundraise for some demonstration models? Thank you for keeping us current on your needs as well as your never ending work.

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