Help needed for burn victims

Thank you for helping us meet this need.  We greatly appreciate your support.  Please continue to remember these children in your prayers.

Around 1 AM  early Friday morning, there was a knock at the gate, 6 children had been burned  in a house fire.    Several adults had been walking and carrying the kids up and down the mountain paths since 8 PM.  Someone had, by accident, put gasoline in an oil lamp that should have had kerosene.  The kids were all asleep in the house when it started burning.  Things fell on them.  Several of them had plastic that was melted in their hair.  Lots of skin had sloughed off during the trip to the clinic.  It was a mess.

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We brought all six of them inside quickly and got Lori here.  Several were in shock.  All were in a lot of pain.  We gave medication and did dressing changes.  Got beds made all through the clinic for them to sleep.  It took about 4 hours to care for them all.

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We offered and suggested that they go into a hospital in town.  They refused, for many reasons, and wanted to have care in Cazale.  We know this is going to be a long process of healing that will take months.  The worse child died that next day.  Her name was Christerline and she was buried today here in Cazale.  We had a small service with her family here at the clinic.  The children that are staying here are Michline, Gerlie, Guechenet, and Chelot.  Wislet isn’t that bad and his mom knows someone in Cazale, so they are staying there and coming for dressing changes once a day.  Christerline’s mom was also burned on her hand and both feet.  She is coming as an out patient also.  Gerlie is her daughter also.

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Many of you have asked how you can help.  We have no idea how long it will take each child to heal. Several are burned over large areas on their bodies.   For right now, we would like to estimate what we will need per week.

June 8 2013 020 c

Ceftriaxone (to fight infection) 21 vials will cost $42.00

June 8 2013 c

Silver Sulfadiazine cream (used for infected areas) 2 tubs will cost $100.00

June 8 2013 019 c

roll of gauze (to cover wounds) 1 roll will cost $19.00

June 29 2013 a 018 c

Vaseline (to mix with ointments) 12 pounds will cost $8.00

June 29 2013 a 022 c

A & D ointment (to cover areas that are healing) will cost $49.00

We don’t have the cheapest price for the antibiotic ointment yet.  We also don’t have an estimate on food yet.  Right now, they are mostly drinking protein milk and don’t feel like eating yet.   So with these items, we will need $218 per week.  We would like to get donations to cover 4 weeks at this point – $872.  After that, we will regroup and estimate the costs again.  We are hoping that the costs will go down as they heal, but might go up if any of them become infected.  This is very emotional and difficult for everyone involved – kids, siblings, parents, family, caregivers.  We would ask that you pray for healing and peace for the children.  Sweet sleep will be treasured and God can give it.  We ask that you pray for the caregivers to have strength and patience for the long haul.  Small improvements will be appreciated and God can do it.  We would ask that you pray to see if you could help with the needs listed above.  Every donation will help and God will bless you so very much!

You can use the paypal button in the upper right hand corner of the website, or mail donations into the office RHFH/P.O. Box 23/Elwood, IN 46036.  Please include  in the memo “burn patients”  Thanks so much!


  1. Shanna says

    I don’t know if it’s just me, but when I click the large new PayPal donate button, it goes nowhere. The other buttons under “Give” work fine.

  2. Kathy says

    I used the paypal button so maybe it just has a glitch.

  3. Lori says

    Sometimes people have random problems with the link, but when they use a different browser it works. I’m sorry for the inconvenience.

  4. Carol Mears says

    Maybe you should also include money for more fans, more gas for the generator (I assume you have one) or even another generator. It’s so hot this summer, I hate thinking of sick kids sitting around in this heat :(. Just glad you’re out there in Casale to help. God bless you.

  5. jasmine says

    I’m in Haiti and I have a tub of silver sulfa and tons of gauze, antibiotic creams and the likes i’m in Leogane if you need these items still let me know I’m going to PAP beginning of the week

  6. Lori says

    That would be great! I’ll email you my ph# soon. Maybe my dad could meet you somewhere in PAP for pick-up.

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