Help needed with Surgery cost for Judner

**Thank you the need has been met!!!

**Update we have someone that is willing to match 1/2 of the funds needed for Judner surgery ($720)! We are so excited about this opportunity!   So far we have $275 donated. We are still in need of $445 to meet this need and receive the matching grant for Judner’s surgery.


This is Judner.  He was admitted into our inpatient program on July 30 2014.  He is 5 years old and when he was admitted he weighed 26 pounds at his lowest weight.  He had the beginning signs of kwashiorkor and was malnourished.

Judner (6)

He also has rickets.  His parents did not know what was wrong with his legs and has a local herbal doctor wrap his legs with leafs and bandages to make them straight.  It did not work.

Judner 5 (2)Judner 5 (3)

We knew that he needed to go into Port to see a doctor but we also knew that they would not do surgery when he was sick and malnourished.  So he has been eating medika mamba and recovering since the end of July.  He is currently 33 pounds and healthy enough for surgery.Junder surgery pic

Here is the breakdown of the cost needed for his surgery

2 days in the hospital=$35.00US 

Operating room cost = $170.00US

surgery cost = $1136.00us

transportation/food= $100.00us

Total cost =$1,441.00

This is the same type of surgery we had done for St Vic.  They will inset clips or plates into his bone and it will help the legs straighten as he grows.  He will return to the hospital every few months for check-ups.  After a time of 6 months to a year they will do another surgery to remove the plates.

If you would like to donate towards this need you can use the paypal button on the right hand side of the blog or mail donations to Real Hope for Haiti/15215 Endeavor Drive/Noblesville, IN 46060 Please include in the memo line “Judner”

Thank you so much!


  1. Cynthia Weber says

    Please accept my donation with my prayers that the surgery for Judner will be successful.

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