Help us FINISH STRONG in 2015

As 2015 draws to a close, a few of our programs are in need of some extra help to finish the year strong. We have had some dear friends of Real Hope for Haiti contribute to a Finish Strong Matching Fund, so these programs can indeed finish 2015 strong and be positioned to flourish in 2016. The Finish Strong Matching Fund is $25,000. Our goal is to highlight one program per week, setting a goal of raising $6250 for each one (4x$6250=$25,000). With the matching fund, that would be $50,000 altogether and an incredible help. Let us see what God can do through His people.

Scripture says that God is able to make all grace abound to us. Because Christ has all sufficiency in all things at all times, we may abound in every good work. We continue to trust Him for the good works happening in the Cholera Treatment Center, Rescue Center, Clinic, and ICU, so that many here in Haiti might see these good works and it might glorify the Father in Heaven.

As Christians, we should care about all suffering, especially eternal suffering, which is why we ought to be bold ambassadors for Christ. While our hearts ache to know the eternal fate of those who never know the remedy for sin, our hearts are broken also for those suffering the effects of living in a sinful world, who suffer injustice, who are marginalized, who are unprotected, who are hungry, who are homeless. John Piper recently said, “Every life lived in love and justice to rescue people from any type of suffering in the name of Jesus with a view to leading them into deliverance from eternal suffering is a great life lived.” That is what we are attempting to do, by the grace of our great God, in Cazale, Haiti. It is why we believe so strongly in programs like the Cholera Treatment Center, Rescue Center, the Clinic, and the ICU.

These programs are real. They are precious. They are powerful. It is our prayer that those we serve through these programs would be healed and healthy, and we also long for those who do no know Christ to be rescued from eternal ruin and receive everlasting joy.

This is important work. We are grateful for all you have done in obedience to God to sustain this work in the past. We are asking that you prayerfully consider contributing to the “Finish Strong Fund” to enable us to end the year well. Because of the “Finish Strong Matching Fund” matching fund, your $5 gift towards the CTC will become $10, your $25 gift towards the clinic will become $50, your $100 gift towards the Rescue Center will become $200.

Whether you give via paypal or mail in a donation to our address in the USA, please add Finish Strong Fund to the memo line.

Again, we will highlight one program each week. The week of December 7 will be Cholera, week of December 14 will be Rescue Center, week of December 21 will be the Clinic, and the week of December 28 will be the ICU. Please consider sharing this need on FB/ Twitter if you see a post that you think might compel other people to contribute.

We are humbled by God’s lovingkindness and grateful He has crossed our paths with yours and that together we can impact Haiti for Christ. We hope and pray you have a wonderful Christmas season and treasure what is truly worth treasuring.


  1. Monica Brown says

    Blessings to you for your compassionate work!

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