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Highlights from Haiti: 28 November 2014

  1. Cool invention! Prototype of a portable, inflatable incubator, cost around $400 to make as opposed to the ones used in hospitals that cost upwards of $47K. Huge possibilities for the developing contexts.
  2. In case you are ever in NYC, here is where you can find some great Haitian food.
  3. A shortage of beds to treat cholera patients in the capital city, we are grateful for your generous support in helping us build the RHFH Cholera Treatment Center and bring a level of confidence and security to our community here in rural Haiti.
  4. Gender violence is beginning to be discussed and with increased education, leaders hope for improve the situation so that women can flourish in Haiti. 
  5. Former Olympic figure skater Scott Hamilton and his wife have recently adopted two children from Haiti.


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