Homemade Peanut Butter

We normally have a good stock of peanut butter that we have on hand here in Haiti.  This peanut butter is collected stateside and then shipped down on a semi container with other supplies we use throughout the year for RHFH.  This fall we were unable to send the container due to a lack of funds.  So we had to figure out a way to continue to have peanut butter on our menu.  This is how we are currently doing it.


We purchase peanuts at the local market.  Items are measured different here than might normal to you.  Many items are measured in marmite or timarmite.  A marmite is a #10 can.  So this is 2 heaping marmites.


The peanuts are then roasted.


This is what they look like after being roasted.  Then they outside skin is removed.  This is done by rubbing the peanuts together and then flipping them up in the air in the object below.  When they are flipping them the wind with carry the skin to the side.


The peanuts then make their way to the local grinders.  He grinds them with a hand grinder.  At this point you can add things to the peanuts if wanted.  Many here in our area add hot peppers to the mix.  We add nothing at this point.


It is dry and thick after being grinded.


Cooking oil is add to the peanuts.  The oil is heated before it is added.  When I asked why it is heated they said if it is not heated the batch will spoil quicker.  They want the oil very hot, so they add a leek and cook it until it is almost burnt, then they know the oil is hot enough.


The oil is added to the dry peanuts.  The amount depends on how runny you want it.  I tend to not make it to runny due to the kids eating it.  It makes for a mess when it is running off the sides of the bread with 60 kids eating it 🙂


I also add a bit of sugar to it.  Most that made homemade peanut butter in our area do not add sugar, they prefer the hot pepper mix.



Then is it mixed up again.


We find container to put it in for the week.

Dec 15 2013 b 001

The above homemade peanut butter cost us around $14US.  We use the above amount in one week.   This does not in any way take the place of the Medika mamba that we use for the children on that program.  We will continue to purchase that product from Meds & Food for Kids.  By making our own peanut butter we are helping locals by purchasing the products here in Haiti.  This also does not mean we will not continue to collect PB while state side.  This is just where we are at right now to continue with our normal menu.


  1. Joanne says

    Since the peanuts are grown in Haiti, is there not a processing place that makes peanut butter in the country? Are all the nuts exported and processed outside of Haiti? How expense is it to buy peanut butter in grocery stores in the country?

  2. Licia says

    I am sure there are places in Haiti that produce regular peanut butter. . I would say most of the peanuts are used here in Haiti. Peanut butter here is $5.00 to $9.40 US per jar.

  3. Nadia says

    I make my own PB in Canada too! peanuts, a bit of oil, honey and a touch of salt in the food processor….yummy and SO much better then store bought and not full of chemicals!

  4. Joanne says

    I would to send the money to buy 8-10 bottles of peanut butter for the Rescue Center.

  5. Lori says


  6. TammyInMN says

    Thank you! This post is so interesting. You all are certainly resourceful!! How does the taste compare with commercial peanut butter? When we were younger, my sister and I used to crush peanuts with a rolling pin and mix them with dairy butter. It wasn’t the same, and very time consuming, too!

  7. Licia says

    I think it taste good. It is what they are used to eating as well. I myself notice the oil more and it is a little gritter than the smooth kind many of us are used. But it is helping us save funds that can be used in other areas of the ministry. It is working and that makes us happy 🙂

  8. Diana L says

    I want to order the regular Haitian peanut butter,, but i don’t know where can I get it at,, I’m also location in Boston…. I Loveeee Haitian Peanut Butter! (Mamba) please if you do know where can I get some,, let me know 🙂 ?? thanks….

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