ICU Pictures

Cintiana is recovering and doing well.  She is happy she is not in pain anymore.

Centiana FMSCc (2) (640x427)

Francesca in her beautiful new dress, she is such a blessing to us here at RHFH.

Francesca Oct a (1) (427x640)

All the girls came and wanted their pictures taken after hair braiding day.

IMG_7034 (640x427)

Erimene, Angeline and Jaffenalie have become good friends while here.

IMG_7039 (640x427)

First round of bottles for the morning.  We use 1 1/2 of the cans in the background each day for the children on formula.

IMG_7044 (640x427)

A 3 month old admitted with severe kwashiorkor.

IMG_7104 (640x427)

Another child’s swollen feet caused from kwashiorkor. She has also passed over 40 worms in the last 12 hours.

IMG_7109 (640x427)

Two kids admitted last week, both recovering.

IMG_7110 (640x427) IMG_7111 (640x427)

5 year old weighing 16 pounds.

IMG_7112 (640x427)

There is something great to say about a person that sees a need and figures out how to meet it.  Flies – we have them and do not like them.  Paul, Hannah, and Ben saw a way to help the kids and put screens on all the beds.  My heros!

IMG_7113 (640x427)

Afternoon snack time.

IMG_7115 (640x427)

Life saving medika mamba bowls ready for the kids to eat today!

IMG_7117 (640x427)


  1. Anna says

    Francesca’s hair! 😀

  2. Faith Cameron says

    I have some supplies that I would love to get to you. Is there a contact in the states that we could send to? Let me know . I live in michigan

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