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Infant Formula and milk funding needed

This month we are focusing on raising funds for infant formula.  We appreciate each of you that have donated in the past for this need and those that have donated cans of formula stateside and still others that have hand carried cans of formula in for us here at RHFH.


We have a small part of the Rescue Center that is for newborn babies that have had mothers that had died in child birth.  Their families are unable to care for them when they are small.  Most families are living in survival mood and work day to day to provide for themselves and the other children.  It is very difficult for the fathers to care for the little babies when they are so young and fragile.  We keep these babies with us until we along with the families feel that they are ready to take on the task of caring for them full time at home.  This is normally around 12 to 18 months of age. By this time we try to have them totally off of infant formula and eating food that they will eat when they return home.  Currently we have 17 babies that are on infant formula.  These numbers change from week to week but we average about 15 babies per month.  

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We in the past have been able to purchase smaller 400 gram containers.  The company is now only selling these larger containers that are 900 grams.  The container on the left is used for general use of most of the babies it cost $16.50 for one container.  We currently use 3 cans per day.  The “Soja” is a soy formula that we use for 2 babies at this time.  One container is $19.50 and we use 2 cans we per. 

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We use this powdered milk below for snacks and  to prepare some of our foods.  Each can cost $25.00.  We are currently using 3 cans per week.



Infant formula- $49.50 per day x 7 days=$346.50 per week

Soy formula-19.50 x 2 cans per week=$39.00 per week

Bongu powdered milk- $25.00 x 3 cans= $75.00 per week

TOTAL COST PER WEEK=$460.50 for ICU and Rescue Center

We also have several baby on our outpatient program that receive infant formula.  Theses families have a family member that is willing to provide full time care for the child, but are unable to purchase formula. We currently average 4 cans per week for our outpatients.

TOTAL COST PER WEEK=$16.50 x 3 cans=$49.50 per week for outpatient care

Would you consider donating towards this current need we have at RHFH?

Some suggestion:

A gift to cover 1 can of infant formula-$16.50

A gift to cover special needs formula for 2 children for 1 week-$39.00

A gift to cover general formula cost for 1 day-$49.50

A gift to cover outpatient formula for 1 week-$49.50

A gift to cover the cost of milk for 1 week for inpatients=$460.50

These are just suggestions and we would be so thankful for any gift made towards this need.  If you would like to donate through our home office you can send a check to Real Hope for Haiti/15215 Endeavor Drive/Noblesville, IN 46060, please include a note or memo letting us know it is for “infant formula”

Please use the paypal button below to make a donation as well.  We will keep you updated throughout the month as to the progress of this special need.  If you have questions or have formula stateside to donate please contact us at  Thank you so much!!!


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