It’s Here! It’s Here!

The fall shipping container has arrived!  The container came out of customs last week and began being unloaded on Friday.  Since then, there has been a lot of sorting, organizing, cleaning and clearing space for storage. 

Shelves of medicine are stocked and some are absolutely full!


Do you know what this is?  Why, it’s infant formula stacked all the way up to the ceiling!


We have soap…lots of soap! (This is just a small portion of what we received.)


 A team from Crosspoint Church in Nashville has been here this week to lend a hand wherever needed.  Laura and Jessica spent many hours sorting and organizing dozen of banana boxes full of clothes, shoes, diapers, blankets, and an array of other items.  Thanks for your help, ladies!


We even received some big items, like these filing cabinets for the Clinic charts.  Take a good look at the last drawer – chart #120,600 is the beginning number for the drawer.  That’s quite a few charts to keep organized! 


It is crucial to Real Hope for Haiti to receive these wonderful supplies.  We know that many people had to contribute to this effort to even make it possible.  Gathering supplies, getting supplies to the container, organizing and packing the supplies into the container, unpacking and sorting once the container arrives in Cazale….it requires many hands to do this work.  Then you must consider the great generosity of people who donated items and funds to get these supplies to us.  It truly is a team effort, and we thank you all so much for helping us receive this container filled with such precious treasures!

*The new toys for the RC will soon be ready for the kids.  An exciting day is just around the corner!  We will post photos of the big day.


  1. Steve Eckart says

    Love you guys – so glad for all the support you receive and pray for more!!!

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