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Kids from the ICU


Kenlove was admitted last week with mild kwashiorkor and complications.  He is from a village far back in the mountains behind Cazale. Besides being malnourished he is also deaf.IMG_0826 (533x800)Carla was abandoned by her mama at her papa’s house a few months ago.  She has severe kwashiorkor and is refusing to eat or drink.

IMG_0831 (533x800)Jeandley was admitted last week with severe kwashiorkor.  He was unable to stand the first few days due to his severe edema.  He has since lost several pounds of “water weight” from his edema and is feeling better this week.

IMG_0914 (533x800)

Vanessa is awake in this picture.  Her edema from her kwashiorkor is so severe that her eyes are swollen shut.

IMG_0977 (800x533)

Her feet are so swollen they have split open in several places. Where ever she sits our lays down she leaves puddles of water leaking from her feet.

IMG_0976 (800x533)

Melissa is on the road to recovery now, but a few weeks ago we did not know if she would make it or not.

melissa jan (1) (800x533)

Junior is healing and ready to return home soon.  He is eating well and has graduated from the medika mamba program.

Junior Fev (533x800)

Oselet is doing wonderful and is changing and growing so much each week.  He is talking more and thriving.  We are so happy he is healing and is going to live.

Oselet Fev (533x800)

Betchaida was admitted in December with severe kwashiorkor and complications.  She was very sick and we were not sure if she was going to live.  By the grace of God she is alive today and ready to return home with her family.

Betchaida Fev (533x800)


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