Birthing Kits
Baby Layettes
Women’s Hygiene Kits
Also Needed:
School Supplies & Backpack
Family Hygiene Kit
Cholera Kit
Emergency/Hospital Stay Kit

We have found that most women in our rural area deliver at home with a traditional birth attendant. It is critical that they have clean materials to safely birth the baby. We have seen a drastic reduction in the amount of newborn infections since we have been distributing these kits to our pregnant mothers.

Every day 800 women in the world die from pregnancy and childbirth related complications. Eight percent of maternal deaths are caused by sepsis (infection). WHO says that almost 3 million babies who die each year can be saved with low-tech, low-cost care.

You can help make births in Haiti cleaner, safer and healthier by assembling birthing kits. This is a perfect project for small groups!
We distribute about 60 kits per month or 720 kits per year.

Here’s how to get started:

Birthing Kit Flyer with list of Supplies listing what is included in each kit.

Birthing Kit Frequently Asked Questions

Creole Instructions to print out and include in the kits

Video of how one group puts their kits together.

If you are interested in helping, please email us at, and we’ll give you an address of where to send them.