Kreyol Song

Yon jou avan kouché solèy,
Anpil malad té rété la
Dévan Jézu, nan gran doulè.
Byento yo alé avèk jwa.

Yon fwa anko sé aswe tou,
E nou pwoché bò Jézu-Kri.
Ségnè, si nou pa wè kò Ou,
Nou kwè Ou isit an éspri. (bis)


One day before sunset,
Many infirmed were waiting there
In front of Jesus, in much pain.
In just a little while they left with joy.

One other time, it was at night too,
and we came close to Jesus Christ.
Savior, if we don’t see Your body,
We believe You are here in spirit. (repeat)




  1. Linda Russell says

    God has no boundries. What a beautiful testimony of God’s healing touch. Beautiful voices and words!

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