Let’s Hear It for The Girls!

Last week, a team of three hard-working ladies from Nashville came to RHFH.  They had one goal: Get work done.  And they sure did!  Willing to do whatever needed to be done that would be of help, they took on the project of painting at the Cholera Treatment Center.  For the past month, they raised funds to cover the expense of paint and needed supplies.  They even had enough funds to hire some extra hands to help them get the job done quickly.  That was a win-win, as it provided some extra income for a few men here in Cazale.

Left to Right: Jessica, Laura, Jackie

The team was able to paint the entire women’s ward at the CTC, all in only a couple of days.  The ladies were even able to spend some time helping out with some odd jobs at the Clinic and loving on the children in the Rescue Center before they returned home.
Now that the women’s ward is complete, the men’s ward is ready for paint.  What an excellent project for another team!  (Hint, hint!)
We are very thankful that the team also brought in lots of needed supplies, clothing for the kids in the RC, infant formula, and even some yummy snacks for the staff and the kids.  Hooray!   Thanks for all your hard work and positive attitudes, ladies.  Let’s hear it for the girls!


  1. Bekki says

    I LOVE this! LOVE that they had a plan, love that they raised the funds for their materials, love that they hired Haitian labor to help out. Hoping that next time I come I can be as planned and focused as these ladies!

  2. Tammy in MN says

    I second Bekki’s comments. Great Job!

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