Medika mamba grads :)

RHFH will  soon begin to need to raise funds to purchase the Medika Mamba that we use to treat kids with severe malnutrition and kwashiorkor.  Please  watch here on the blog to see how you can help us provide life saving medika mamba for the children in the Rescue Center.

Here are some recent grad for both our inpatient and outpatient program.

Carchina (in patient 2nd time)

Carichina2nd time B & A

Carlane (outpatient)

Carlane Auguste (outpatient) B & A

Claudnet (outpatient)

Claidinit Merite B & A

Clercineau (outpatient)

Clercineau Vilneus (outpatient B & A)

Dachley (inpatient)

Dachley  B & A

Leonard (inpatient)


Leonard B & A

Louna (outpatient)

Louna Lorissaint B & A

Nadje (outpatient)

Nadje Robelion B & A

Rose-Darlene & Rose-Darline~twins :)-started outpatient and then inpatient

Rose-Darline & Rose-Dalene before pics

Rose Darline & Rose Darene home (4) (427x640)

Wileda (outpatient)

Wileda Chaus - B & A




  1. Joanne says

    Glad to see Clercineau improve as an out-patient, although I wish he could just get enough to eat at home. Jenna will be happy to see he is wearing the shirt she gave him!!

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