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We are once again are excited to share some of the recent grads from the medika mamba program here in Cazale.  We usually just have before and after pictures of the children.  This time we wanted to give you two examples of children with severe kwashiorkor and how their bodies change during the healing process. Jn Oda and Jenifer have beginning (first picture), without kwash (after the swelling has gone down) and their graduation picture (healed and healthy). It is an amazing process to be a part of and see how the body begins to repair itself.  The types of malnutrition we normally see are Marasmus (wasting), Kwashiorkor (kwash) and Marasmic-Kwashiorkor. You can click here for the whole lesson from Unicef with more detail of these 3 forms of malnutrtiton.


beginning weight 45 pounds   ~   lowest weight 31 pounds   ~   graduation weight 40 pounds


 beginning weight 29 pounds    ~    lowest weight   26 pounds    ~    graduation weight 31 pounds


 beginning weight 20 pounds                                                graduation weight 24 pounds


       beginning weight 24 pounds   ~   lowest weight 23 pounds   ~ graduation weight 27 pounds


 beginning weight  28 1/2 pounds              ~            graduation weight 33 pounds


beginning weight 17 pounds             ~               graduation weight 24 pounds


 beginning weight 18 1/2 pounds ~ lowest weight 17 3/4 pounds ~graduation weight  23 pounds


 beginning weight    19 pounds  ~  lowest weight 18 pounds    ~  graduation weight   22 pounds


 beginning weight   15 pounds          ~            graduation weight 21 pounds 


 beginning weight 23 pounds   ~ lowest weight   22 pounds   ~ graduation weight  26 1/2 pounds


 beginning weight 21 1/2 pounds    ~  lowest weight  15 pounds   ~ graduation weight  21 pounds


 beginning weight 26 pounds   ~  lowest weight 23 pounds  ~ graduation weight 31 pounds 


beginning weight 76 pounds          ~  graduation weight 100 pounds



beginning weight 20 1/2 pounds         ~ graduation weight 27 pounds

WILKY’S BACK before & after

   We want to thank Meds & Food for Kids for producing this product here in Haiti, we want to thank World Wide Village for the funding of this program since 2008.  A special thank you to T & T Livesay for raising funds for this product that is saving lives each and every day in our little village of Cazale.  It is simple to me-Medika Mamba is saving lives. We thank each of you that has had a large or small part in the success and survival of these precious children.  To God be all the Glory!


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