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Merci for Meds!

With your donations (that we asked for here), RHFH was able to purchase medications that will last us for months and months to come.  The value of the medications is $464,835.75 and we were able to purchase them for only $11,169.00!  There were 38 pallets of medications and it weighed 29,500 pounds.  This was a large portion of supplies that were in the container that just got out of customs earlier this month.

We are already starting to distribute them and see results.


M. is a 28 year old that has been following in the clinic for prenatal visits she was 4 months pregnant.  She is now close to delivery.  This will be her 5th child.  She has suffered with lots of heartburn during the last few months.  These antacids will help her feel better and be more comfortable during these last days of her pregnancy.


G. is a 7 year old girl that has been having and earache and fever for the past several days.  We were able to treat her with antibiotics for the infection and Tylenol suspension for fever and pain.


G. is a 23 year old in her 5th month of pregnancy.  She follows in the clinic because she wants her baby to be healthy and live.  She walks 3 hours to get to the clinic.  This is her 5th pregnancy.  She only has one living child and 4 that have died (two of these were a set of twins). She has been having stomachache and heartburn over the past weeks and these antacids will calm the symptoms and ease her stomach pain.


E. is a 1 year old girl that lives about a 5 hour walk away from the clinic.  Her mother says that she fell off of something 10 days ago and she thought that she was alright.  E. has an obvious broken left leg and left shoulder.  The break on her leg became infected and is leaking pus.  She had a high fever and probable infection in her shoulder as well.  Though we knew that we would refer her immediately to an ortho hospital, we gave her and antibiotic and tylenol for fever and pain.  This antibiotic will help fight the infection until she can get to the hospital.


These siblings have all been having fevers and colds this week.  They were happy to get some medications to help them recover.

Smiles and thankfulness from all of us here in Cazale to each of you that generously support the work here.

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