Miracles of Healing

In the past couple of months, several of the children at the Rescue Center have recovered and been able to return home to their families.  Admittedly, it is a bit sad for us to say goodbye to these little friends, but our hearts swell with joy knowing that their bodies have healed and that God has a plan for each of them.  We are so thankful for the miraculous recovery of each of these precious lives.  Here are just a few before and after photos.  Celebrate with us as we give God all the glory!  


Louidieurie was admitted last July.  You can read about him here.  He was able to return home a few weeks ago.

Louidieurie was brought to RHFH by his great-grandmother.

The great-grandmother is happy Louidieurie is better and hopes she can keep him healthy.



Isme was introduced in this post.  He returned home last week.

A very hungry Isme upon being admitted. He brought his appetite with him!

Isme was excited to return home and had been telling everyone that his Papa was coming to get him.



You can read about Eliave here.  She went home last week as well.

Eliave was in a great deal of pain when she was admitted in late November.

Eliave, returning home as a happy, beautiful girl! Her feet completely healed and are beautiful, too!



Here is the post where you can read about Sebien.  He was able to return home at the end of January.

Sebien was admitted in early December, and his chance of survival seemed small.

Wow! Sebien certainly surprised us with a fast recovery!

Andremene & TiFanme

You can read about this mother and daughter here and here.

Tifanme upon intake in early December, weighing 8 pounds.

Andremene on the day we admitted Tifanme. She returned two weeks later (after making arrangements for her other children) and was admitted as well.

Tifanme is now up to 12 pounds 7 ounces and is doing great! She will remain here a while longer until she is up to her ideal weight.

Andremene has put on some weight, regained her strength, and is feeling good. She was discharged from the RC last week. For now, she will be living in a nearby village and be able to come visit Tifanme here at the RC.


Thank you for your prayers for all the children and adults that we are given the opportunity to care for here in Cazale.  As these healed ones leave the Rescue Center, God continues to send us more precious ones to show His love to.   


  1. lora says

    Seeing the life and light in Andremene’s eyes is wonderful! Thankful for you all at RHFH!

  2. Bekki says

    So good to see the kiddos better! I remember how sad Sebien was, he sat in Ronica’s lap and murmured “mwen mamma” over and over. How great to see his recovery! And Eliave – and my little Tifanm! You guys rock so BIG and I am so so happy!

  3. S says

    Such amazing work being done at RHFH! Andremene looks so beautiful I cried happy tears.

  4. S says

    It seems there are a lot of preemies lately-is this normal or are you seeing an increase? I remember you posting that Haiti is moved up to 3rd most food insecure nation, do you see effects of this at the clinic? Just wondering about the general state of the Cazale community-maybe a post? Thank you RHFH.

    I like your how you are adding in more background to your patient admit stories, it fills in the picture for those of us who have never traveled somewhere like Haiti. It makes your site very compelling, I think, for someone who is visiting a site like yours for the first time.

    Also, loved! your mothers letter from the archives, wonderful.

  5. Meagan says

    The healing hand of God is so evident and beautiful!

  6. Merryn Williams says

    I love seeing the smile on Andremenes face, will she be able to be put on the food box programme?, I didn’t get any feed back on the $100 I sent over for her. I’m so happy for her and her little bub, they are both beautiful.

  7. Licia says

    Let me know specificaly what you want those funds used for. If not it goes to her general care for her in the ICU. Did you want me to give her the funds? It averages out to $125.00 a month for a child to be cared for in the RC 27/7. We do not keep many adult but the cost for them would be a little higher. Let me know what you are needing and I will get it taken care of for you.

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