Moving Day!

The time finally came for us to move from the 3 bedroom home that has housed over 6800 patients since Nov 2010 into the NEW CHOLERA TREATMENT CENTER (CTC).  It was a big day for all of us, but it was especially important and memorable for me.  Dealing with the cholera outbreak is the hardest thing that I’ve ever had to do in my life.  It was harder than the embargo, the riots, the sicknesses, the deaths, the heartaches, taking over the clinic after my mom died, having our house ransacked and robbed, being chased by those same people a few days later, being separated from family, the floods, and even the earthquake.  I know that each of those things was hard for many, but cholera is at the top of my list.  I worked as hard as I have ever worked and have went through so. many. things. in this house.

We couldn’t have ever cared for so many patients if this family had not donated the use of this home.  We are so thankful to them and ask that you pray that the Lord blesses them abundantly.

It was hard saying goodbye to that house as a flood of memories and pictures filled my mind.  I will never forget how God worked here.  I will never stop thanking Him for bringing us through this.  I will forever announce that My Father takes care good care of me.  He worked miracle upon miracle in this building.  There were so many emotions as I pulled these gates closed and locked them for the last time.

Extra staff came in pitched in for the big move.  Everything that was going to the new CTC was washed and disinfected.  Brennon and Wilkens transported many loads and were a huge help. With so many people, we were able to move all materials and patients & clean the old place up in only one day.  It was a long day, but a good one.

We are so happy and excited to be in an adequate and appropriate space that is ours.  It feels like we can settle in and make it our own.  We want this to be a center that provides excellent education and compassionate care.

When everything was moved in, we gathered in the ward to sing and pray.  It was wonderful to be able to thank and praise the Lord for getting us this far and providing us with this wonderful new facility in which to work.  All glory to His Name!

Konbyen Mwen Dwe   You can click on the links to hear us singing.

Pa Genyen Yon Lot Dye Tankou-W    I love this song!

Here is how the patient ward is set up.  Each patient has a padded plastic cot and room for a large chair beside them for a visitor/caregiver.  There were many times in the old place when we had 2-3 people to a cot and many of the cots pushed together to allow more room.  Having this much space for each patient is a luxury and privileged that we will not ever take for granted.

Again, we say a HUGE THANK YOU to all of your that have supported us throughout this outbreak and the building process.  Thousands of lives have been saved and hundreds of thousands more will be saved in the future because of the generous giving of RHFH supporters. Thank you for believing in us and giving us the tools to be able to serve Haitians in the Name of our Redeemer and Lord.


  1. cheryl in Maine says

    This is a wonderful sight! And thank you for posting the sound clips. It was so neat to be able to hear the praises being sung!

  2. Jan says

    I closed my eyes and listened to these joyful voices. I felt like I was there in the house with you. Thanks for sharing this joyous moment with all of us, Lori.

  3. Susan says

    If 1 in 10 people had 1/2 your energy and endurance,imagine what the world would look like. I remain awed by every thing that you do. Your load is heavy and I am praying that someone will come alongside you to help you bear it x

  4. Ken McGrath says

    Your whole team has worked together to make such an enormous difference for so many thousands of people. What an inspiration RHFH is. Thank you all.

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