Needs List for May

There will be a semi container going to Haiti this month!!  Maybe you or your church could send a few needed items……

2015 May Needs List

Kid’s & adult toothpaste
Mosquito spray
Hand soap – liquid & refills
Hand sanitizer & refills
Plastic shower curtains and rings (not clear or white)
Garden vegetable & herb seeds – tomato, pepper, cucumber, eggplant, okra, lettuce, cabbage, basil, mint, parsley
AAA batteries

HP ink –61 black, 61 tricolor (Meijer’s brand is refilled.  They are good & much cheaper)
White-out liquid pens
Sharpies – black – chisel point
Sharpies – black – fine point
Long envelopes
Clip-on desk lamp
Paper clips
Card stock paper – 8 ½” x 11” – light blue, yellow, light red/pink, white
Hanging file folders
Wall clock
Tape dispenser
Pencil sharpeners

Infant formula – soy and milk-based
Baby wipes
Shorts-newborn to 5T
Diapers – NB, 1, 2, 3

Canned meat – chicken, roast beef, tuna, salmon
Trash Bags – large
Ziplock bags – sandwich and large size
Drink mixes – Kool-Aid, Tang, Crystal Light, and powdered Gatorade
Map of Haiti and Port au Prince
Envy HP printer & HP 61 cartridges

Reli-On glucose testing strips (Walmart brand – PRIME)
A&D ointment
Aspirin 81mg
Zofran pills & IV
Borage oil
Portable DVD with USB port
Small fan
Q-tips – large and regular
Foley caths – 16F & 18F
Pregnancy wheel
Thermometer – celcius
Pregnancy tests

If you need an address of where to send these items, please leave a comment below, FB message us, or email info -at- realhopeforhaiti {dot} org.  We need to receive the items before the 15th to make sure that they get on this container.  Thanks so much!


  1. Nancy Wagner says

    I can order things from Amazon and have them send them straight to wherever you want them sent. Let me know the address and I’ll do it today or tomorrow. I got some really cheap pregnancy tests for Heartline last year that they specifically asked for, can I get the same brand for you? I can’t get prescription meds anymore as I explained earlier but I’ll get some other things on your list.

  2. Kathy Costley-Sakona says

    Yes, I am the same as Nancy says above, I can ship things directly if I have an address to send them to.

  3. Kim Quance says

    Please send me the address and we can get some of the things needed to where they need to be.

  4. Lori says

    Thanks Nancy, I sent the address in an email. Yes, any brand of pregnancy tests will work. Thank you so much!

  5. Lori says

    Hi Kathy, I’ll email you the address. Thank you for helping with these important items!! Blessings to you!

  6. Lori says

    Kim, I just emailed you the address. Thanks so much for your willingness to help out in this way! You are helping us with the tools and supplies we need to care for many. Thanks!!

  7. Cheri says

    Would like to donate a few items….please send address. I also sent you a message on FB.

  8. Bekki says

    Hey, Lori – I have a bunch of kids shorts and baby clothes and will get a box of medical stuff tomorrow once Eddie sees how much Zofran he can lay his hands on. Shoot me an email with the address, okay? love ya big!

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