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She came this past week to the clinic.  She is not really sure how old she is, but she weighs 76 pounds.  She came in her dress and brought nothing else.  She was here at RHFH many years ago.   We cared for her daughter, who had a terminal illness and went crazy before she died.  She stayed with her daughter during that time until she (the daughter) died with us.    We have not seen her for years.  She returned and said she only has one son left and he prefers to not consider her his mother.  She did not know where else to go, so she just walked until she got her. Tomorrow will make a week since she has been here and not one person has come looking for her.


She is 8 years old and weighs 44 pounds.  She has been sick for awhile and was referred to us from our friend Anita.  While she was waiting on the bench to be seen there were puddles of water under her feet from where they were leaking fluids. She started on the F-75 milk and will soon begin on the medika mamba program.

She is fighting and wanting to live so badly. She asked today, Since the swelling in my legs is going down, does that mean I am going to live? I had to tell her the hard answer, only God knows. But promised her we would do our best, and we would ask our friends to pray. You see her mother believes this illness is caused by a curse, her aunt that is with her now believes that God can heal her. People this is so much more that her body healing physically, so much more. Join us this week in believing that she is going to live to be a testimony to her family of God and his healing power.


He is 2 years old and weighs 18 pounds.  His mama has one other child that is older that Abner.  She has no where to live and is sleeping on people’s porches.  She is hopeful that she will be able to find work or start a small selling business to be able to get her life back together.  Due to Abner being sick and malnourished she has not been able to work.  He spent this past week on the F-75 milk and will begin on the medika mamba program tomorrow.


  1. Anna Sams says

    Prayers being sent up! God bless you all!

  2. Raechelle says

    Dezinette’s story broke my heart!
    She is so beautiful!! Thank you for being there for her!!!

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