New admitted to the Rescue Center


 Giliane has been with us on and off over the years several time.  She is currently 7 1/2 years old and weighted 41 pounds when she was admitted.  In a weeks time after being on the F-75 therapeutic milk and medika mamba she has lost 13 pounds of her “water weight” caused from the kwashiorkor and is feeling much better.  Her mom died when she was a little girl.  We learned from her that her dad remarried a few years ago.  His new wife had a baby and it died when it was born.  She was very sad and mad that this happened.  When her papa would go work the new wife refused to feed Giliane and treated her badly.  Her dad left for weeks at a time to find work and she began to lose weight and got worse over time.  Her dad carried her down the mountain to the clinic.  It took him 2 days to get here.  Her dad tries to find work here and there and also has a garden where he plants beans and corn.  Giliane is his only living child.  They live in a one room home made of wood and tarp.  They do not have running water at their home.  They walk to the nearest source to get water for the day.  This past week she has ate very little, rice 2 days, corn mush another day some soup.  Her legs were so swollen that they split open and were leaking water.  But you can see a big change in the short time she has been back with us.   


She was 8 months old when admitted weighing 10 pounds.  She has just been released from the cholera treatment center a few weeks before coming to the clinic.  She has 8 siblings at home.  They live in a one room home made tarps and sticks.  There are 6 family members that sleep there.  The family lives about 1 hour away from the nearest water source.  They do not have running water in their home or a flush toilet, not even an outhouse.  The family works in the gardens and grows corn and beans.  Christnerline was with us for 6 days before she died.  


He is 5 years old and weighs 25 pounds.  His dad died a few years ago from fever and diar.  He has 4 siblings at home that are all boys.  His mama had one child that died at birth.  His mama works in the gardens near her home.  She plants beans, corn and grains.  Fritzner lives in a 2 room home with 6 other people.  The home is made of rocks and brush from trees to cover the roof.  The family lives about 30 minutes away from the closest water source.  They do not have running water in their home or a flush toilet, not even an outhouse.  He has been through a bout of kwashiorkor before and this time he has been swollen for almost a month.  In the week he was admitted he ate rice 4 times, and drank coffee twice in the morning for breakfast.  One other day he ate some soup and that is all he had to eat.  It is very common for children to have coffee for breakfast with some bread and have one other meal during the day. 


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    I miss that sweet boy!!!!

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