New Teachers, New Students

God shows us 10,000 mercies in 10,000 ways. One of those ways the Lord has been gracious to us is in providing teachers for the children of the staff missionaries of Real Hope for Haiti.

This year we are doubly blessed to have two teachers serving at RHFH. These two wonderful ladies are Angie Craig and Anna Newman.    


Henley & Trey: back row. Anna (left) and Angie (right): middle row Isaiah, Grace & Ameyah: bottom row

From Birmingham, Alabama, Anna is a lifelong special educator with 30 years of experience. She reports that she feels called to Haiti and is grateful for the opportunity to serve at RHFH. She requests that you would consider praying for her language acquisition. Proficiency in Creole will allow her to develop deeper relationships with those in our community and help her fulfill her dream of participating and teaching some of the children’s Bible studies with the kids in the Rescue Center. One thing she has enjoyed so far in Haiti has been how beautiful the vegetation and mountains are around our area of Haiti.

From the great state of Minnesota, Angie is a young lady who loves God and loves the Haitian people. After graduating from Northern Michigan University in 2011, Angie spent around a year in Haiti in 2012-2013 and speaks Creole, which is a huge benefit helping Casey’s kids pick Creole up as well. Angie has been impressed with how pleasantly people in Cazale have treated her thus far and would appreciate prayer for wisdom and guidance as she continues to seek God’s will for her future.  

Licia’s eldest son, Carmelo, is living with some family friends, attending his senior year of high school in Indiana. Henley and Trey are in 7th and 6th grades respectfully. The reason we chose to invite two teachers this year is because of an influx of new students.

Licia’s daughter, Ameyah, starts Kindergarten this year. In addition, Casey and Briana recently moved to Haiti with their three children, two of which are participating in school as well. Grace is in 2nd grade, while Isaiah is in Kindergarten with Ameyah.


For those who have visited RHFH, we have moved the school room from the volunteer headquarters to another house. Casey’s family is living on the second floor, while the school, as well as rooms for the teachers, is located on the ground floor. If that is difficult for you to visualize, then you will just have to come down to Haiti and visit us again.

Though we received inquiries from several qualified applicants, we prayerfully chose these two women of God and are thrilled to have them.

Now that you’ve met the teachers, we’ll update you on the students in a couple of weeks.


  1. Angela McKaskle says

    This is so great!!!!!! Praying for you kiddos that you soak up lots of wisdom and knowledge from your new teachers!!!! Praying for the teachers that they learn lots from the kiddos and people of Haiti (because I know they will!) To God be the glory!

  2. Bekki says

    I was wondering about the location! I knew that wasn’t the volunteer ‘house’ – what a lovely nice school they have! Can’t wait to visit in Feb!

  3. Susan says

    Thank you God for placing these wonderful people in the right spot at the right time.
    It’s great that the kids have their own domain.

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