November Needs

If you are wanting an easy and practical way to help us here in Haiti, please check out our needs list.

2014 Nov Needs List

Reli-On glucose strips help us test the blood sugars for the children in the ICU and diabetics that come to clinic.  Did you know that we supply 8 people with insulin and have over 60 diabetics that follow in our clinic?  The malnourished children can suffer sharp drops in their blood sugars that can cause delays in healing and even death if these drops are not detected.  Reli-On glucose strips are the cheapest solution that we have found to monitor these patients.  You can find them at Walmart.


HP 61 black ink is needed to make copies and print needed documents.  Did you know that we make over 4000 copies every month?  Patient charts, educational flyers, reports, test results, and schedules are some of the   We have 3 printers that use the same ink.  We buy black ink by the gallon to refill and reuse the ink cartridges that you donate.  One cartridge can be filled over 25 times to be reused.  We like to save money and make your donation stretch to do more good.


Mosquito spray is needed to keep malaria, chickungunya, and dengue fevers away!  Spray is used by visitors, staff, and patients to keep the bugs from biting us.  We don’t like mosquitoes and the sicknesses they spread.  Help us keep them at bay by sending us some bug spray.  Since it’s getting colder where most of you live, look on the clearance shelves to find some deals.


There are many more needs on the list.  Check it out and let us know if you would like to send anything.  You can comment here, on the FB page, or send an email (info at realhopeforhaiti dot org).  We’ll get you an address and tell you a GWO MESI!!  🙂  THANK YOU!!


  1. Nancy Baumann says

    I would love to help!

  2. Nancy Baumann says

    I will send over the counter medicines.

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